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Home Sweet Home

01 December 2011 | Tahoe City, California
Priscilla/ Brrrrrrr
Home Sweet Home 6340' Above Sea Level

Well, we were somewhere out in the ocean when our renters gave their 30 day notice, so we effectively only got a 15 day notice.... Then, we got an email that it was 41 degrees INSIDE our house...... So, quick like a bunny, I got my fingers typing to the property manager about the rental and the neighbor about the heater. Did I say we have great friends?? We have great friends! After a flurry of emails, (if you can have a flurry on a 3 mbps connection), the property manager had the advertising on the web and the neighbor had contacted the heater and plumber guys who saved the pipes from freezing in the 14 degree overnight temps!!! We have great friends! So we sat on the boat and we talked, and we worried, and we went to a really hot (that was weird) Thanksgiving potluck (yum!) at Marina Palmira and decided to catch a flight home to survey the sitch....

Our EcoBus took 3 hours to work its way, in the rain, through the suburbs of La Paz and over the mountains to the Los Cabos airport. The flight took 3 hours to San Francisco, and BART took an hour and a half to our friends' house and the waiting bottle of California Cabernet, YUM! The trip down, all 1300 miles, took months, and the trip back to a little over 7 hours!!! Hard to comprehend!

It's great to be home!! It smells like pines and wood fires burning, it's that crisp-cold just before Christmas and just feels right. We knew it would shed light on whether we're the" sell-everything-and- cast-off- the-lines" kind of people or "great-to-be-home" kind of people......well,..... it's great to be home! It is easy to get lured into the excitement of the next port, the passage to wherever, the rally or race or "fest" in the next bahia and start to plan to follow our new found friends to their next port-of-call. But the reality is that we are home-bodies, at least for now ... and looking forward to the snow and the sparkling Tahoe winter, even the shoveling!

So, we're home for a week or so coordinating the landscape cleanup and tenant interviews in the Bay Area and we'll drain the pipes in the mountains in case the heater poops out, and then we'll go back to La Paz for some warm weather sailing and island exploring, button up Wind Spirit and return to the states to wait for the weather window to start bringing her back home sometime in January.

After 3 months at sea level, we're getting used to the 6340' elevation of thin air again......It's 30 degrees outside, we've got a hot fire, hot brandy, a fleece blankie and a good is good and home is sweet!
Stay tuned for periodic updates from the bash north!

Vessel Name: Wind Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 466
Hailing Port: Pt.Richmond / Tahoe City
Crew: Paul and Priscilla Zaro
About: Paul is a retired ABC7 cameraman and Priscilla is still dabbling in bookkeeping...from various ports!
Extra: We're leaving our slip at Richmond Yacht Club around Sept 15, 2011 to harbor hop south and travel to Cabo San Lucas with the Baja HaHa 2011. We have no further plans yet, just stay tuned for updates!
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