Paul and Priscilla's Baja Sailing Adventure

30 June 2013 | Tahoe City
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What a Lovely Place

20 December 2011 | Todos Santos
So we rented a car and headed out to Todos Santos on the Pacific side of Baja, I got to drive 90..legally!! (Ok, its only 90 kph, but glancing down at the speedo was fun!) Of course the Jeep Wrangler they gave us had mucho miles on it, bounced along the road and had a bad growl in 1st we switched out as soon as we got there. While waiting for the new car, we were able to peruse some tourist shops, mission and find a muy bueno margarita / tequila sunrise at "Tequila's Sunrise" which was right across the street from ....Hotel California. We had to go in to see the place! It's been all dolled up, fresh paint of every color, great gardens and courtyards, pool/spa area and the rooms were great! I'll get pictures in the gallery when I get a big enough band width..... The price was right so we rented a room for the night. That gave us time to wander the town, drive around and find out where the 49ers were going to be shown for Monday night football......."Shut Up Franks"...... When Paul went in to see if they would be having the game, it was happy hour and all of the ex-pats of the area were getting really happy! We figured it would be the fun place to watch, but most of them had to totter home once happy hour ended and we were actually able to hear it, in English! And we won! Woo Hoo
Tuesday morning after we checked out (and we did leave) , we ventured out in the car for sightseeing to the beach. We went down a bunch of dirt roads following signs to nowhere and found the place where they incubate baby turtles and release them back into the sea, "Liberacion de Tortugas". There was a Mexican family there and we were able to figure out a batch of babies would be released in 4 days...Christmas Eve babies....Navidad Tortugas! There are little pens inside a big pen that is protected from birds where the eggs mature and hatch. They are labeled with what looked like dates, but we didn't see one for 24/12/2011. It would have been great to be there for that! What we did find, after another 1.7k on another dirt road was the "Posada de Poza", a B&B on a lagoon just beyond the surfline, built a few years ago and immaculately maintained. The owner gave us a tour, and we'll be staying there for sure next trip. Rates were very good and pool / beach / lagoon and restaurant are upscale and relaxing. This area is an aquifer so there is actually some agriculture and tons of greenery and palm trees....soooooo different from the rest of the Baja peninsula we've seen so far.
We're heading back to the marina tonight and catch a bus for the airport to head home for the holidays. We're burning up our airline miles......
Check back on the blog for pictures and updates. By the way, I'll be updating the pictures from the Baja HaHa since MaryLou gave me a copy of her pictures.
Vessel Name: Wind Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 466
Hailing Port: Pt.Richmond / Tahoe City
Crew: Paul and Priscilla Zaro
About: Paul is a retired ABC7 cameraman and Priscilla is still dabbling in bookkeeping...from various ports!
Extra: We're leaving our slip at Richmond Yacht Club around Sept 15, 2011 to harbor hop south and travel to Cabo San Lucas with the Baja HaHa 2011. We have no further plans yet, just stay tuned for updates!
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