Paul and Priscilla's Baja Sailing Adventure

30 June 2013 | Tahoe City
16 February 2012 | San Francisco Bay / Tahoe City
13 February 2012 | Richmond Yacht Club
31 January 2012 | Santa Barbara
30 January 2012 | Me, Tahoe....Them, San Diego-ish
20 January 2012 | Tahoe
18 January 2012 | Cabo San Lucas
23 December 2011 | Us? Tahoe City ; Wind Spirit? La Paz
20 December 2011 | Todos Santos
19 December 2011 | Isla Ispiritu Santo
16 December 2011 | Marina Palmira
01 December 2011 | Tahoe City, California
21 November 2011 | La Paz
17 November 2011 | Marina Palmira
11 November 2011 | Bahia Frailes
10 November 2011 | Puerto Los Cabos
07 November 2011 | Puerto Los Cabos
05 November 2011 | Cabo San Lucas
30 October 2011 | Mag Bay - AKA Bahia Santa Maria
28 October 2011 | In Turtle Bay - Short Post

Home At Last

13 February 2012 | Richmond Yacht Club
Sail to Mexico.......Check!

The last leg of the trip was one of the worst. It began mildly enough in Santa Barbara until the wind started to build after rounding Pt. Conception and they had to endure the wind and waves until around midnight. The forecast called for the conditions to subside as the days went on and I guess they did, a little. "Subside" is a relative term, by the way. But, determined to "get this thing over with" they powered for two days until they came under the Gate about 4 am and into the new slip at RYC around 5 am or so. I got there about 6 am with balloons, champagne, sweets and the cheeriest face I could muster at O-dark-o'clock! Their timing really put a damper in my "Welcome Home" celebration....but I don't think it would have been much of a celebration by the looks of them....bedraggled, tired, kinda stinky and a pretty chaotic scene in the cabins evidenced a rough ride.
Now the excavation begins......we will spend the next few weeks removing everything from the boat and giving her a "stem to stern" bath inside and out. She's even got a gross "bathtub ring" from the crude oil that seeps up from the sea floor in Santa Barbara area. We spent a few hours that morning removing soft goods for transport home for endless wash/dry loads and washing the salt off the deck, dodger, hatch covers, sails and rigging and coffee spills etc out of the cockpit before the 3 hour drive to the Tahoe. ( Paul was still moving, but at least not rockin and rolling and slamming into waves !!!) It took another weekend to complete clear out the nooks and crannies and Clorox the surfaces.
So we're finally safely ensconced by the cozy fireplace in the mountains, sleeping in a king bed that doesn't move and enjoying all the foods and drinks that we whined about missing while in Mexico! (Diet starts tomorrow....) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
Relatives can relax, Ashleigh has been on emergency phone duty from our EPIRB; neighbors can relax, Mike has been on "bear watch" and feeding our clown fish; no more boxes of mail for Memory to cull through; and we can catch up with our friends again! (Sorry about not staying in touch! Messages came in late or not at all in some cases!!) Wind Spirit gets a much deserved rest and the "spa treatment" she'll be getting in the near future should do well to rebuild our Boat-Karma points with her.
Vessel Name: Wind Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 466
Hailing Port: Pt.Richmond / Tahoe City
Crew: Paul and Priscilla Zaro
About: Paul is a retired ABC7 cameraman and Priscilla is still dabbling in bookkeeping...from various ports!
Extra: We're leaving our slip at Richmond Yacht Club around Sept 15, 2011 to harbor hop south and travel to Cabo San Lucas with the Baja HaHa 2011. We have no further plans yet, just stay tuned for updates!
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