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25 July 2021 | Pension Tiare Nui

Still Beating

20 May 2015 | North of Niue
Bill, still sailing
We're all fine but a bit tired of the constant upwind sailing. Winds have not been kind to us and we're a bit behind our schedule, so we must bypass Niue and head directly to Rarotonga. It's not that there's a lot to do in Niue, but it would have been nice to be standing upright on a non-moving surface.

John's been a great cook, preparing excellent one-pot meals in very trying conditions. Phil has been in and out of sea sickness and been unable to join us on many occasions.

The boat is sailing well and we've not had a major break in a day, now. I keep looking over my shoulder! Weather generally benign but usually cloudy. That means less solar panel input to our batteries and more charging from the Honda generator. We all get tired of the noise.

Since we're bypassing Niue, we're headed as nearly as wind will allow to Rarotonga, but are still 5-6 days out. Yikes! It'll be nice to stop moving.

More later. I need sleep.

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Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Anchorage, Alaska
Crew: William Ennis and Constance Livsey
About: We've been married since 1991, and both retired from our respective jobs (teacher and attorney) after long careers. We live in the most exotic of the United States: Alaska. We cruise on Wings for half the year, enjoying our home state the other part of the year.
We've sailed Wings Southward from Alaska since August, 2010. We joined the BajaHaha from SoCal to Mexico in 2012. We joined the Pacific Puddle Jump in 2013 and crossed the Pacific Ocean. Wings "over-summered" in French Polynesia. We continued our journey through western French Polynesia, [...]
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