These are the voyages of the sailing vessel, Wings.

19 May 2018 | Pension Tiare Nui
17 May 2018 | Pension Tiare Nui
15 May 2018 | Pension Tiare Nui
14 May 2018 | Pension Tiare Nui
12 May 2018 | Pension Tiare Nui, Raiatea
11 May 2018 | Pension Tiare Nui, Bungalow C
10 May 2018 | San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2
07 May 2018 | Anchorage, AK
19 April 2018 | Anchorage, AK
06 July 2017 | Pension Tiare Nui, Raiatea
04 July 2017 | Apooiti Bay
01 July 2017 | Tapuamu and Ha'amene
27 June 2017 | Bora Bora Yacht Club
23 June 2017 | Bora Bora
21 June 2017 | Bora Bora
19 June 2017 | Hurepiti Bay
10 June 2017 | Fare Lagoon, Huahine, French Polynesia
09 June 2017 | Fare Lagoon, Huahine, French Polynesia
08 June 2017 | Fare Lagoon, Huahine, French Polynesia
06 June 2017 | Fare Lagoon, Huahine, French Polynesia


19 April 2018 | Anchorage, AK
Anxious Bill
We're 26 days from 8 May, our departure date. Both Conni and I are getting a bit nervous and anxious about things. You'd think that this was our first trip rather than our 5th year in the South Pacific!

I ordered a new raw water pump today, the "just in case" item that's been gnawing at me for months. I did my best and spend a lot of money trying to rebuild the old pump, but to no avail. Without more details, the shaft was frozen into the bearings and no method by either my friend Peter or I could budge it. Damn!

We've purchased almost everything that we had listed. That's good. The problem, as usual, is trying to get it all packed! Holy smokes! I made a boarding ladder, for example, since I couldn't ship one, and it takes some space.

Our crew is set, finally. Our friends Robin and Hillary learned that they got seasick, so excused themselves early. Our West Marine friend, Julia, is excited to go with us and will meet us in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and make the long uphill beat back to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. She'll then stay with us another two weeks. We're very excited that she'll be with us. She'll be a real asset.

I've designed a T-shirt that we'll have printed. They look nice, I think, and they're printed locally so we can have a set made anytime we want or need them.

We'll be staying, once again, at the Pension Tiare Nui on Raiatea. The boat's been watched by a wonderful young woman who's been doing a good job, or so we hope.

More later when we're further along.
Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Anchorage, Alaska
Crew: William Ennis and Conni Livsey
About: We've been married since 1991, and both retired from our respective jobs (teacher and attorney) after long careers. We live in the most exotic of the United States: Alaska. We cruise on Wings for half the year, enjoying our home state the other part of the year.
We've sailed Wings South from Alaska since August, 2010. We joined the BajaHaha from SoCal to Mexico in 2012. We joined the Pacific Puddle Jump in 2013 and crossed the Pacific Ocean. Wings "over-summered" in French Polynesia. We continued our journey through western French Polynesia, Rarotonga [...]
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