These are the voyages of the sailing vessel, Wings.

19 September 2023 | Pension Tiare Nui
15 September 2023 | Pension Tiare Nui
13 September 2023 | Pension Tiare Nui
11 September 2023 | Pension Tiare Nui
07 September 2023 | Apooiti Bay
03 September 2023 | Tapuamu, Taha'a
02 September 2023 | Tapuamu, Taha'a
31 August 2023 | Haamene Bay, Taha'a
29 August 2023 | Relais Mehana Hotel, Huahine
26 August 2023 | Fare, Huahine
19 August 2023 | Aloe Cafe, Viatape
13 August 2023 | Aloe Cafe, Viatape
11 August 2023 | Apooiti Bay mooring field
08 August 2023
08 August 2023 | Apooiti Bay, Raiatea
05 August 2023 | Raiatea Carenage
01 August 2023 | Raiatea Carenage
31 July 2023 | Raiatea Carenage
28 July 2023 | Orion Guest House

We Begin

30 June 2019 | Marina Taina
William Ennis | Cloudy
We arose early today, another nice day in Marina Taina. I began working on removing the structure surrounding the engine. The engine is hidden beneath the dining table, with a folding top, a few drawers under, a layer of soundproofing, and the cavity for the engine. Three sides of this structure are removable, albeit with difficulty!

The screws were stainless and had been in place for 35 years. For some reason, rather than drilling oversized holes for the threads to easily fit through the wood rails, they had been screwed through the rails and into the floor.

We worked through lunch and into the afternoon, and I had removed 9 of the 10 screws. Ah, but that 10th! In the end, nothing but drilling would remove it, so I began.

Conni and I have learned about solving problems by going to the "low-hanging fruit" first, and I should have do that. I was trying to charge a small hand drill on our small inverter but I couldn't manage it. After a hour of disassembling the charging base and trying various things, I looked at the inverter and realized that Mr. Physics had overlooked the on/off switch. Duh! I flipped it on and the drill battery began to charge.

After an hour's drilling the screw head was gone and I could pry off the frame. Done!

A cold shower, cocktails, and dinner topped the evening.

Tomorrow at 0800, the work begins. Photos and description when I can.
Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Anchorage, Alaska
Crew: William Ennis and Constance Livsey
About: We've been married since 1991, and both retired from our respective jobs (teacher and attorney) after long careers. We live in the most exotic of the United States: Alaska. We cruise on Wings for half the year, enjoying our home state the other part of the year.
We've sailed Wings Southward from Alaska since August, 2010. We joined the BajaHaha from SoCal to Mexico in 2012. We joined the Pacific Puddle Jump in 2013 and crossed the Pacific Ocean. Wings "over-summered" in French Polynesia. We continued our journey through western French Polynesia, [...]
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