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Birthday, first flight, and almost outa here!

23 September 2010 | McMurdo Station , Antarctica
Well, it has been a while since my last post, I'm still here and kicking. The last month has been the time we call Winfly. It's the between time . Between winter and summer. It is a very busy time for us here as we bring the town out of mothballs and get everything ready for the summer ahead. During this time the winter folk wake up and warm to the ideal that we will actually be getting out of here soon and the people the came down for winfly move in and start assuming some of the jobs we have been doing. Today winfly ended and Mainbody or the summer season has offically started with the first flight. I sent one plumber home today and 2 more on Saturday. I'm down to 13 days till freedom.

I've just celebrated my third birthday on the ice. 46 years never thought that would happen. In response to my birthday I have written my Obit. Somebody wise told me it was a good way to assess your life. Kind of a check up for your dreams and aspirations. Though the version I have posted below is edited for public consumption. I find that even though I haven't accomplished yet what I thought I wanted I have fallowed the theme that I wanted for my life ...somewhat. So here it is;

James Rodgers Walker ( Wally) 1964-2010. Survived by 4 wonderful children Joshua, Sara , Mary and Matthew, Mother Susie and father Ed, 2 bothers Patrick and Andy and a sister Susie , Two ex-wives Jean and Sabrina, a Multitude of nieces and nephews. A veteran of foreign wars as a member as the U.S.Army Special Forces and served his country honorably.
Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband and Student of the world, Wally was a Jack of all of these and Master of none of them. With a life full of love , travel and adventure he left no property behind to be squabbled over and spent his time chasing his dreams .

Writing my Obit has opened my eyes to the good and the bad of my life and what I need to try and accomplish before my next birthday. It was a good life check and would suggest it to everybody.

12 days and a wake up! If the weather holds up. I'll be sitting in Christchurch soaking up the warm sun and all the smells and noise that is the world every where else except here. The sun is out here, big and beautiful. But, it is just a tease because you can't actually feel it on your skin. It's still that cold here. Have I ever mentioned that I hate cold weather? Go figure.

Peace, Love and the smell of fresh cut grass.....Ummm

Vessel Name: Hokule'a
Vessel Make/Model: 1978 Morgan 382
Hailing Port: Galveston Texas
Crew: Capt. Wally Walker
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