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30 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
14 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
13 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
12 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
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13 April 2010 | Oklahoma
12 April 2010 | Oklahoma

The beginings

12 April 2010 | Oklahoma
Well... we are just starting out... we have big plans, with no clear idea on how to get from here to there. There are some basic things that have to be done of course. Buy a bigger boat to learn on, should have it Sunday :) Sell our house... if all goes well, should be sold May 7th... then comes the hard part. Money. How much do we need and how do we get it? How we sustain our lives out there? Can our nursing license and sleep study license work in other countries and how? Lot's of questions unanswered... therefore, I am blogging hoping to get some answers.

I am purchasing a boat that is bigger, wheel driven, and can do some pretty good costal sailing. We hope to leave in about 3 years. Giving us time to learn to sail better and figure out finances. We will stay close to shore after that for a bit to gain more knowledge about sailing on an ocean and staples. When we leave to do large passages we will need a bigger more sea worthy boat. so we have to come up with a way to upgrade at some point as well.

We want to leave as soon as we can so my oldest can experience everything with us. She'll be 15 when we head out. We will probably work out of Florida for a while saving like crazy for a bigger vessel. I don't know what exactly is in store for us... but I can't wait to find out!!
Vessel Name: Ascension
Vessel Make/Model: 1981 King's Ledgend 41'
Hailing Port: Bradenton, Florida
Crew: Jason, Christy, Kaleigh, and Camri
My husband Jason and I have been married 6 years this July. We have two daughters Kaleigh, 11, and Camri 4. We are very excited to embark on a journey of full time cruising. My husband does sleep studies and I am a NICU nurse. Kaleigh is a great student and loves cheerleading. [...]
Extra: We have just sold our 23' Irwin and are in the process of buying a 30' Islander. Our friends are attempting to leave in 3 years to become full time cruisers and we want to go too! So we have also just sold our house and doing all the research possible to make it come true!
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Who: Jason, Christy, Kaleigh, and Camri
Port: Bradenton, Florida