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30 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
14 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
13 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
12 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
13 October 2010 | still oklahoma :(
13 April 2010 | Oklahoma
12 April 2010 | Oklahoma


13 April 2010 | Oklahoma
Well... My horroscope today (not exactly that I believe in them) said my lucky time of day was 10:00... and as of 10:00 my house buyer backed out of the deal.... so. I guess it's time to decide why that's lucky. I need to decide if I want to wait out the contract until May 30th with my not so great realtor.. or take it off the market in prime selling time to for sell by owner later. We'll definatly get more money that way enabling us to put more back for our soon adventure, but... may not get to sell the house for awhile... who knows. I just wish we were out there already and enjoying life the way we want to be. I get to spend the first weekend on our new boat next weekend... I just need to make it until then. A weekend on the boat takes all of my troubles away. A midnight sail, a sleepy morning with the soft rocking of the boat, and the clanking of the rigging on the mast. ahhh.. I already feel better just thinking about it!
Vessel Name: Ascension
Vessel Make/Model: 1981 King's Ledgend 41'
Hailing Port: Bradenton, Florida
Crew: Jason, Christy, Kaleigh, and Camri
My husband Jason and I have been married 6 years this July. We have two daughters Kaleigh, 11, and Camri 4. We are very excited to embark on a journey of full time cruising. My husband does sleep studies and I am a NICU nurse. Kaleigh is a great student and loves cheerleading. [...]
Extra: We have just sold our 23' Irwin and are in the process of buying a 30' Islander. Our friends are attempting to leave in 3 years to become full time cruisers and we want to go too! So we have also just sold our house and doing all the research possible to make it come true!
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Who: Jason, Christy, Kaleigh, and Camri
Port: Bradenton, Florida