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30 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
14 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
13 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
12 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
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Making "head" way

14 September 2011 | Bradenton, Florida
When we bought this boat we knew it was to re-fit. We'd like to be out cruising the world in 5 years or less. Financial reasons mostly for the time frame as our boat will be paid off in 5 years and we need time to collect cruising funds. Part of it, however, is because my husband smartly pointed out that it could take 5 years to re-fit the boat to our cruising needs. The current project is the head. Really needs to be heads, but one completly functioning head would make this crew happy. We have to heads aboard, one to the aft and one in the v-berth. The one in the v-berth since acquiring the boat has been back flowing. It was also plumbed with sea water and to top it off... it was plumbed in conjunction with the air conditioning line. What this meant is, no matter how many times you flush, the sewage would sneak back into the bowl, the sea water would seep in due to it being below sea water of course, which in it self stinks. AND any time you flushed the toilet... it would suck the water meant for the air conditioner and de-prime it... which meant not only did we have a very stinky v-berth and head, but... it would get hot and nasty at the same time.

As you can see, this isn't a wait until later fix, this is a 'You're going to run us all out of here if it isn't fixed' fix. We do have thee privilege of having Groco heads aboard. Which are top of the line, very easy to fix in bits or all at once, although very expensive parts. I am very happy with our heads, but excited to get them functioning properly (at least one!). We did our research, the previous owner was particular about keeping manuals (thanks!) so finding parts was very do-able. As far as companies we used for parts, we came accross Depco pump company Your text to link... in Clearwater, Florida. I have to say... they were amazing! VERY knowledgable, very friendly and helpful, and of course VERY reasonably priced! They were approximately 25% cheaper than Groco company itself and anywhere else we called. Because they were located here in Florida we actually went ourselves, but the shipping was way cheaper than Groco headquarters in Maryland. Today though, my husband called Groco and recieved a very in depth conversation from Grocco to help him decide what changes he may want to make and the best places for the parts. I obviously highly recomend both Groco and Depco pump company for outstanding service on both their parts.

My husband has decided to plumb the head with fresh water rather than sea water to fix the sea smell. Yes, we know that when we are underway, we will want sea water, so he is installing a ball valve to choose which water we want to use while out. At the marina though, why not have fresh water? Completely eliminating the smell from the sea water. If you do plumb your head with fresh water, at least ours, you can't plumb it with presure water, so that lengthens his job. He also re-routed the plumbing away from the air conditioner prime, so we have air now :) He is currently in the process of rebuilding the toilet itself and we are excited to see how it turns out! Will keep you updated!

Vessel Name: Ascension
Vessel Make/Model: 1981 King's Ledgend 41'
Hailing Port: Bradenton, Florida
Crew: Jason, Christy, Kaleigh, and Camri
My husband Jason and I have been married 6 years this July. We have two daughters Kaleigh, 11, and Camri 4. We are very excited to embark on a journey of full time cruising. My husband does sleep studies and I am a NICU nurse. Kaleigh is a great student and loves cheerleading. [...]
Extra: We have just sold our 23' Irwin and are in the process of buying a 30' Islander. Our friends are attempting to leave in 3 years to become full time cruisers and we want to go too! So we have also just sold our house and doing all the research possible to make it come true!
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Who: Jason, Christy, Kaleigh, and Camri
Port: Bradenton, Florida