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Adonai crossing back over to her home port Tavernier Fl

25 August 2015
Crossing an ocean is an experience that varies with time. Your experience depends on which ocean you are crossing and the current conditions which include yourself and the weather. The vessel you are on also plays a big role so be prepared before you set sail. Be anxious for nothing because it will take time. Everything through prayer and supplication let your request be made know to God. Prayer is the best way to start any journey the only control you have is in your mind so you might as well just surrender now as you set your compass for places unknown but yet to be discovered.
Aug. 22 Adonai departs Marsh Harbor with Captain Ted and Admiral Gail. If you have never crossed an ocean before I care to take you on a small journey for you to catch a glimmer of the thoughts and feelings you experience on the sea. There are many gifts to receive along the way so pay attention to this special time. We will drop anchor down Little Harbor in the Sea of Abaco tonight as we are preparing to cross over the Bahama Bank and the Gulf stream to return to FL. and tie up at the Red Neck Yacht Club which will be home for the next few months.
The environment on board is quiet, very quiet as we are getting things cleaned up and feeling humanized. It has been a great season in the Bahamas, 3 months of having 20 scouts on board every day. There is much to be thankful for. Tonight we will actually sit and have dinner at a table. Sounds funny but to have dinner at a table is a big deal.
The water temperature is up to 89.5 as we leave Marsh Harbor and it is glass calm and clear . It is hard to believe how clear the water is you are able to see ever detail of the sea grass, shells and sand below. Hurricane Danny is out in the Atlantic east of the Western Antilles many miles away. Thank you Jesus there is always so much to be grateful for.
Aug 23 The sun has not even awakened and out on the deck is Captain Ted. He is cranking the engines and ready to pull up the anchor and set sail. There is no wind so we will have no sail here we are grateful for motors and fuel. I open my eyes and peer out from my birds eye view. I like to sleep under the stars next to the boom on the cockpit roof. “Good by beautiful islands and my starry nights, I will miss you all, Thank you for this time, thank you for what you give to mankind.” Time passes and Hole in the Wall light house with its red and white strip standing tall falls behind while ahead is the clear glass sea standing solo for as far as you can see. The sun is starting to rise so its time to wake up and see what the day will bring. Not every crossing is as peaceful and beautiful as this. As I started out saying crossing an ocean varies. I can remember seas slamming on the decks for days, pounding grey skies, rain pelting down and wind blasting 25 to 35 for days on end. Memories of the past. Despite the peace of the sea I am surrounded with today I can feel my emotions jumping all over the place. It is quiet so very quiet, there are no distractions. It is a time to release, a time to let go of the days past not knowing what lies ahead. It is quiet, as far as you can see ii is blue and there is peace. My mind is racing going from 100 miles an hour to stop has an effect.
Out on the horizon to our starboard side is a ship rising high. She is sleek and black. Eventually I can make out a blue and white smoke stack with a yellow cylinder shaped bridge tower. Euronav is her name, she is a tanker ship Yellow cranes decorate her decks, I imagine the loading and unloading that goes on behind the green railing when they are in port. A speck of orange representing the life raft hangs on the rail, I pray they will never be in need of it. I think of my son and the men who operate these working vessels of the sea. The giant red rudder directs Euronav as she passes across our bow at 10 :17 a.m. I know not where she is going or where she is from, we are two ships passing on the sea. Well I look like a flea next to an elephant, lets say a giant ship passing sweet little Adonai.
Amongst the blue sea you start to see and notice every detail. A few dark trails form ripples from a jetting movement on the surface of the sea it is the wake of flying fish speeding about. The horizon is decorated with cumulus clouds billowing up into all sorts of imaginative soft shapes making pillows of love from heaven decorating Gods foot stool here on earth.
The shipping channel off of Hole in the Wall is very busy today 2 more mystery ships are approaching on our starboard side. It is hot and balmy a true August day. The water temperature dropped down to 86 and the air is around 88 with high humidity and no wind. It is so hot one of the hottest days of the summer. I feel like I am in dessert heat.
The rod is out dragging a lure in hopes of dolphin or marlin. Suddenly pilot whales appear ahead and disappear to the deep as quickly as they came. Pilot whales are not an every day occurrence. I consider this sight a blessing and something to be grateful for, a glimpse of these magnificent creatures is a gift. “Thank you Lord for showing your handiwork, it is beautiful and amazing.”
Its a busy day out here 3 more ships starboard aft. The shipping channel runs east and west and we are headed south. When we were sailing out in the South Pacific crossing over to Hawaii I did not see even one ship for 3 weeks ! Today I am losing count. No crossing is the same, the sea and life is always changing sometimes it is very subtle while other times it is drastic and apparent.
In the moment islands of golden sargasso weed float by while flying fish dance on the blue liquid surface. As noon approaches light wind appears in tiny ripples forming a darkness. The unseen force touches and becomes visible painting a new picture that you can feel. A copper pink light shines behind the luminous clouds rising high, echoing an indescribable sound, mirroring the presence of peace which is visibly seen on the horizon. The light continues to shine and changes into a copper pink pathway with silver slivers on each side. Soon the G& G’s shipping vessel interrupts my focus on the pathway as it approaches running parallel to our starboard side. The ocean and the sky are forever changing and in the blink of an eye a ship will appear out of the blue. Look way out there, I mean you have to look way, way out there at about at two o’clock is possibly a Coast Guard Cutter and a speck beyond if you look really hard we are guessing is a drill rig. Captain Ted is pretty good at identifying what type of ship is out there. Your eye picks up on every detail as you continue to peer out in to the endless blue.
Breaking news from Admiral Gail , 2 birds just flew by and out at sea this can be big news. Really I am not kidding you. Soon we are to see the Berry Islands 2 come into view. They look so green with the light shining down with a touch of yellow that glows in the distant. Again the sky changes and 3 clouds jump out to my vision they look so white. A glowing white with a misting of blue and grey iridescent much greater, such extra beauty they have than the others. It makes my mind think what is this extra beauty they are carrying. I think of people how some will stand out in a crowd. I think they are carrying God and that the light of the world is real and it is in front of my eyes speaking to my heart.
Time ticks, sailing takes time and in the time your emotions continue to speak. What you see and hear has a way of effecting what you feel causing you to think. Aqua blue clouds shower down reflecting the sky and the water sending out a hue of color that you want to touch. It is soft and has that extra glow of the Lord peering and is calling for your heart to sing and see the beauty of his hand at work on your behalf. Many more clouds, many more ships, many more islands come and go. The blue continues, the water the sky and soon we pass Chub Cay watching it fall behind and diminish. The Bahama Bank lies ahead it looks dark on the surface, dark and deep. The sun is beginning to set and soon the night will be upon us. It is August 22, 2015 this day, this time, will never be lived again. The clouds the ripples the colors fade into darkness.
A storm is ahead the half moon is now hidden, unpredictable is the sea. It changes every moment ,its time the ticking of time. I only know it is night which ahead. Is it going to be rough ? Is it going to storm? I see it, I smell it, you can feel the rain in the air that it is about to let loose it is so close. The wind is picking up, memories of time past floods into my mind of torrential rain with high seas. What is tonight going to be? I can only wonder and wait and see. There is one who even the wind and the waves obey. I think of him and his power and his might wondering if he is going to calm this sea on this night. I plug in my ear plugs and listen to his words and peace comes, the fear in my heart no longer lives. What a glorious night as I look up to the bare mast forming a cross. He is always there and tonight he has dissipated the storm. The stars shine bright, the milky way is seen because of the darkness of night, peace is on the sea. Hour after hour will pass with each hour it becomes more beautiful. I have received energy to enjoy and to receive psalms 19
The heavens declare the glory of God
The skies proclaim the work of his hands
day after day they pour forth speech
night after night they reveal knowledge
They have no speech
They use no words
yet their voice goes out into all the earth
their words to the end of the world.

We all have an ocean to cross some where, some time the wind will blow and the seas will roar. The storms of life will appear and as soon as they come they will also go. Remember, start with a prayer, step out in faith and cross your ocean. You need not to do it alone. He is with you until the end of time.
Vessel Name: Veinto Azul
Vessel Make/Model: 47
Hailing Port: Tavernier Fl U S A
Crew: Ted & Gail Gordon
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Home Page: worshipsailing.com
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