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Adonai and Venture Scouts 129 Alexandria. Va.

09 July 2017 | Marsh Harbor
gg sunny
Alexandria Va. Venture Crew 129 sails aboard Adonai exploring the Sea of Abaco and her treasures this week. Weather wise a clear sunny sky is amplifying the glimmering beauty of the Bahamas full range of turquoise blue - green waters.

Below the sea this week I see the brilliant yellow stripes of the many over sized sergeant majors who are decorating the reef with playful fun. Sea fans are waving a constant welcome all dressed in pure velvet purple, looking very rich and intense. The bright color of a yellow mossy green hard coral stands out amongst the many corals and contrasts the tiny tropicals who are sparkling neon blue speckles with electric blue dots! Peace is present as I dive deeper into the reef. Looking up through the clear liquid a new perspective on life takes my spirit pondering and looking at the wonders of creation. I feel close to the spirit of the reef being welcomed and accepted. I experience a certain presence and kinship of life with the underwater world of the sea.

On deck this week I noticed a richness across the pine trees surrounding Treasure Cay. The clouds are filled with pink and grey and naples yellow. The sky is blue of blue looking pure and clean one of perfection. The colors are speaking loudly of the beauty of life, a simple breath of time is appreciated here.

Our group this week is both male and female all of whom are very kind, intelligent, and diverse in background. Many have lived abroad , Spain , Ecuador , Italy, and Greece. With parents in the service and government they have also lived all over the United States. Their exposure to the world and politics through their parents occupations is unique. They are a very insightful group of young adults who will go out into the world and do great things.

Swimming and snorkeling has been in abundance this week with town visits mixed in-between. The sun is beating down making sunscreen a necessity! A few bugs bites have been had with one sweet scout unfortunately covered with the undesirable red itchy bumps, a bit more intense than most. I have compassion.

With a few more days to go Captain Ted will lead them on to finish the journey well. There is always another reef to explore or an unusual starfish to see. Such was this week a thin white one with a tiny black line showed himself anew. There is always something new to see and experience. With wind in the sails we will move on ahead for what life has in store. God is good all the time and we can rely on His truth for He has come to give life and life to the full.

Crew 129 thank you for all your extra help this week making for wonderful memories of sailing the Sea of Abaco together aboard Adonai.
Vessel Name: Veinto Azul
Vessel Make/Model: 47
Hailing Port: Tavernier Fl U S A
Crew: Ted & Gail Gordon
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Veinto Azul's Photos - Gaberiella Voyage of Faith (Main)
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Christmas: Santa in the Village
Family on hill: Friends in Ezmeralda
Tree top: Awesome Tree
Girl in Guarita: Beautiful Native Mayan
gg with pina: Good day shopping
Rio Aguas Caliente: Favorite Spot in Guatemala
music house: Music mans house
Funny Pig: Walking friends
IMG_3426: Tree flower in Town
7:4:07 Natalie: Celestial Navigation
gg: gg and spinaker sail
7:3:07: Midgie our friend
7:3:07 Trevor fishing: Pray for fish
7:2:07Fort Jefferson: Ship just arrived two days go
7:2:07 Trevor underwater: Trevor under Gabriella
7:2:07 scarey baracudda: Water Monster & Natalie
7:2:07 Lisa Hammock: Fun on the water
7:2:07 Natalie at Fort: Surfing
6:30:07 Departure: Heart on Apple from Marietta
7:2:07 Chef Trevor: Trevor cooking Carolina Steaks
7:1:07 Sunset: Lisa in Gods beuaty
7:1:07 Our Friends: Waves of Love
6:23:07 The Blessing: Pasto Marlin, Goldie and Pastor Gary with Family
4:7:07 Mary& John: Visit from Gram & Papa
4:7:07 Dewinds: Tramp Jumping our friends from air strip
3:29:07 SailingWhale Point: Windsurfing in new home port of whale point Eleuthra
12:17:06 friends Carolynn: Live Nativity Scene aboard Gabriella
12:17:06 boat parade: Ted and Jesus
2:26:07 Manatee: Baby Manatee in Florida
12:17:06Ted & Gail: Welcome Aboard
11:11:06 service: Our Friend Karen
7:22:06 Tuna: 7/22/07 Penny& Gail Tuna fishing
7:13:06 shark: 7/13/06 Trevor Sharkfishing Eleuthra
8:19:06: 8/29/07 Ted Whale Point Future Home
7:19:06Gabriella: 7/19/06 Gabriella under Way Eleuthra
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