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22 July 2021 | Nana Juana Marina
15 July 2021 | Puenta Gorda, Belize
12 July 2021 | Ambergris Cay, Belize
06 July 2021 | El Milagro Marina
30 May 2021 | Islamorada
30 April 2021 | Murphy Town
27 April 2021 | Marsh Harbor
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21 April 2021 | Islamorada
25 February 2021 | Belize
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23 February 2021 | Cucumber Marina Old Belize
22 February 2021 | Belize CIty
21 February 2021 | Sittee Point
01 January 2021 | Nana Juana Marina
22 February 2020 | Little Harbor
19 February 2020 | Marsh Harbor

Now I definitely don't fit in this society!

18 August 2008 | San Diego California
gg for Renee and Ted
I received a short email from Ted no new coordinates but they are looking for blow hole recipes in case they can spear a good size dolphin. " I guess we are starting to get a little goofy out here, the wind is back and we are sailing North , I'll get Trev to write today, Love you, Ted "
Settling in to our American society can be difficult.
Sailing is like AA , a belly full of AA will ruin your drinking just as a crossing an ocean sailing will destroy your desire for the office. Here is Renee,s story and I must agree life as I once knew it is gone. gg

Title: Now I definitely don't fit in this society!

Today is my first day back in the office, back in the 'real' world and
I have found that most of my day has been filled with telling my
story, the story of crossing an ocean. I have been patiently
answering the questions and enduring 'the look'. The look that says
that they now think that you are certifiably mad! The questions,
"Weren't you scared?", "What if something happened?" after a while I
just wanted to ask..."What if you left this building and were struck
by a bus? Would you not leave the building?"...."Are you ever not
scared of something in your life? Does that mean that you stop
living?" Of course there were times when I thought..."What am I doing
out here? What if a rogue wave came and swept me out to the sharks
that I was sure were waiting just below the surface of the water." But
with the help of a strong spirit, my love and friends on board, you
get through, you continue to live life to the fullest, you don't pull
the covers over your head and wish that life would always be 100% safe
and secure, who wants that boring and predictable life? I suppose
some people do...I am not one of those people. Don't get me wrong, I
have a healthy need for some safety and security but not to the extent
of apparently most people I come in contact with on a daily basis who
have just simply responded..."I couldn't possibly do that." I just
have to think..."geez...we sailed across the ocean, we didn't blast
off to Pluto but it is obvious that I don't belong in Kansas
anymore...I have been to OZ and lived to tell the story!"

I find my day is spent checking email for the latest contact from Todd
on the boat, missing him terribly and wondering how their course is
going, how are the winds, what gourmet meal is Todd preparing for
dinner that I am missing out on (darn it), how long is this going to
take and why didn't I have the sense to stay where I wanted to be
anyway...on the boat, in the middle of the ocean where the highlight
of the day can be something as simple as 'going to the beach'. (Gail's
term for laying out on the upper deck just below the mast...) It is a
great place and much better than the sandy beach because if you want
the sun, you lay on that side of the mast, if you don't, you are
guaranteed shade by the sail if you lay on the other side...perfect
really...even comes with the occasional cooling shower just when you
least expect it!

I also find myself checking this blog for any updates that Gail is
posting via Ted (thanks for the coordinate update) and staying in
touch with the rest of our sailing circle that is land based...emails
with both Gail in Portland and Robin (Janet's significant other) in
Florida...I think that we are all doing the same thing...trying to
stay as close as we can to those that we love who are actually on the
boat...although in spirit we are all 'on the boat', everyday in every
way those we love carry us with them missing us just as we miss them.
Love is a blessed and wonderful thing!

If only my ruby slippers would take me back to OZ (my OZ...on
Gabriella/Munay, with Todd in the middle of the Pacific)! - All my
love, Renee

Vessel Name: Veinto Azul
Vessel Make/Model: 47
Hailing Port: Tavernier Fl U S A
Crew: Ted & Gail Gordon
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Home Page: worshipsailing.com
Veinto Azul's Photos - Gaberiella Voyage of Faith (Main)
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Christmas: Santa in the Village
Family on hill: Friends in Ezmeralda
Tree top: Awesome Tree
Girl in Guarita: Beautiful Native Mayan
gg with pina: Good day shopping
Rio Aguas Caliente: Favorite Spot in Guatemala
music house: Music mans house
Funny Pig: Walking friends
IMG_3426: Tree flower in Town
7:4:07 Natalie: Celestial Navigation
gg: gg and spinaker sail
7:3:07: Midgie our friend
7:3:07 Trevor fishing: Pray for fish
7:2:07Fort Jefferson: Ship just arrived two days go
7:2:07 Trevor underwater: Trevor under Gabriella
7:2:07 scarey baracudda: Water Monster & Natalie
7:2:07 Lisa Hammock: Fun on the water
7:2:07 Natalie at Fort: Surfing
6:30:07 Departure: Heart on Apple from Marietta
7:2:07 Chef Trevor: Trevor cooking Carolina Steaks
7:1:07 Sunset: Lisa in Gods beuaty
7:1:07 Our Friends: Waves of Love
6:23:07 The Blessing: Pasto Marlin, Goldie and Pastor Gary with Family
4:7:07 Mary& John: Visit from Gram & Papa
4:7:07 Dewinds: Tramp Jumping our friends from air strip
3:29:07 SailingWhale Point: Windsurfing in new home port of whale point Eleuthra
12:17:06 friends Carolynn: Live Nativity Scene aboard Gabriella
12:17:06 boat parade: Ted and Jesus
2:26:07 Manatee: Baby Manatee in Florida
12:17:06Ted & Gail: Welcome Aboard
11:11:06 service: Our Friend Karen
7:22:06 Tuna: 7/22/07 Penny& Gail Tuna fishing
7:13:06 shark: 7/13/06 Trevor Sharkfishing Eleuthra
8:19:06: 8/29/07 Ted Whale Point Future Home
7:19:06Gabriella: 7/19/06 Gabriella under Way Eleuthra
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