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Our trip down the West Coast from Washington to San Diego, and then beyond.

12 March 2013 | Fort Frederica, GA
10 March 2013 | Brunswick
09 March 2013 | Cumberland Island, Georgia
08 March 2013 | Cumberland Island, Georgia
07 March 2013 | Cumberland Island, Georgia
06 March 2013 | Cumberland Island, Georgia
05 March 2013 | Jacksonville, Florida
04 March 2013 | St. Augustine, Florida
03 March 2013 | St. Augustine, Florida
02 March 2013 | St. Augustine, Florida
01 March 2013 | St. Augustine, Florida
27 February 2013 | Palm Coast Mari na
26 February 2013 | New Smyrna, Florida
25 February 2013 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
24 February 2013 | Titusville, Florida
23 February 2013 | Titusville, Florida
14 February 2013 | Vero Beach, Florida
08 February 2013 | Vero Beach, Florida
03 February 2013 | Stuart, FL
05 January 2013 | Friday Harbor, WA

Still Here

14 February 2013 | Vero Beach, Florida
We are still here enjoying beautiful Vero Beach. One of the highlights of staying here are our morning walks through the neighborhood. The people are all friendly and the houses are all neat and trim with beautiful landscaping. The feature of every house, big or small, are these beautiful trees which can easily be described as works of art--nature's sculpture. I have yet to find out what they are. They remind me of oaks but don't have that leaf and are much more sprawling. We have seen some with branches that reach out and make a turn around a corner of a house. They frequently branch out over the street and many add interest with lots of spanish moss hanging from them. These trees are just the focus point of all the tropical plants surrounding them. There are all kinds of palm grasses, and exotic air plants. We will miss our walks here when we move on.

We are supposed to get our engine part today so expect to be moving on Monday. We try to avoid the waterway on the weekend because it is much busier. We will be making our way up toward Cape Canaveral, and hope the weather continues its warming trend. Yesterday set a record for this time of the year here in Vero Beach at 87 degrees. That is a bit warmer than we like so it may be time to move north. Today is actually cloudy and we are supposed to get rain so it is much cooler. That is our update in this very slow meander north.
Vessel Name: Wanderlust
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan 38
Hailing Port: Friday Harbor, Washington
Crew: Janet & John Hart
About: Another trip down the coast 24 years later. Do we still have it in us!
Extra: The first leg of this trip will take us down to San Diego where we will leave the boat until January 2009 when we will rejoin it and leave for Mexico.
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Who: Janet & John Hart
Port: Friday Harbor, Washington