Vessel Name: Brindabella
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 405
Hailing Port: Suffolk Yacht Harbour, UK
Crew: Simon, Fiona and Bella the dog!
About: Simon and Fiona had Brindabella built in Sweden before she was launched in 2009. They sailed her from Sweden back to Suffolk in the UK.
11 October 2019
03 October 2019
28 September 2019
23 September 2019
22 September 2019
19 September 2019
18 September 2019
14 June 2019
12 June 2019
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28 May 2019
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11 October 2019

Sant Carles

We arrived back at Sant Carles to prepare Brindabella to be lifted out of the water for the winter. We have had 5 days here doing a mixture of cleaning, preparing and some sightseeing.

08 October 2019

At anchor off Punta de la Banya

We left Cambrils at first light and set the mainsail, but to start with there was little wind. True to the forecast the wind slowly built and came around to the south. Once we had got out to Cabo Tortosa, we had enough wind to start sailing. It was a good sail for the remaining 3 or 4 hours. The sun [...]

03 October 2019


We are back in Cambrils, which is a port we stopped at on the way to Barcelona. It’s a very clean town with a good beach and smart town centre. Last time we were here, we anchored just outside the harbour. This time we went into the marina.

28 September 2019


We left Barcelona at lunchtime and arrived in Sitges late afternoon. We had telephoned ahead to check the depth of the entrance, as we had heard reports of it silting. The marina said there was 2.8m. In practice we found 2.7 was the minimum. This was fine given our depth of 2.1 provided there was no [...]

23 September 2019


We arrived at the port of Barcelona late afternoon or rather you think you have arrived, as it takes over an hour to get into the marina. You first pass the container port, then oil storage, then the ferry terminal and eventually into the area of the port which contains three marinas. We were heading [...]

22 September 2019


After Tarragona, we were heading up the coast for Barcelona, but decided to break the trip with an overnight stop at Garraf. This was a very small village with a nice new marina, club nautic and beach.

19 September 2019


After having breakfast ashore at Cambrils, we upped anchor and motored along the coast for an hour to Cap Salou. We anchored here for lunch and a swim off the boat.

18 September 2019

At anchor off Cambrils

We were up early on Wednesday. In fact, too early. The alarm was set for 6am, but it was not light until after 7.15am. Once Bella had been ashore, we departed shortly after 7.40am in the general direction of Tarragona.

16 September 2019

At anchor off Punta de la Banya

We returned to Brindabella on Saturday, after driving down through France and Spain over the past 7 days. We stopped in some great villages and towns on the way. Some were new such as the cheese town of Neufchatel and a walnut oil farm in Availles en Chatellerault and some we have been to before such [...]

16 June 2019

Sant Carles de la Rapita

We are now in our final marina at Sant Carles de la Rapita, having completed the last sail of this spring's cruise.

Menorca – Cala Teulera

22 May 2019
Today we came around the west of the island and between Illa de l’Aire and Menorca. The depth in the gap between the islands was less then 10m and again the water was turquoise and completely clear. On the seabed we could see small white flowers.

Once into the harbour that leads up to Mahon, we anchored in the bay in Cala Teulera. The cala is cut off from the main harbour by two narrow channels, so the water was completely calm.

While here we went ashore and walked to the fortress of Isabel II at La Mola. This was built in 1850 as the main defences against invasion from the English and French.

Time: 4:00 hours Miles: 23nm Total Time: 107:30 hours Total Miles: 625nm
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