Yacht Cerulean Atlantic Adventure

Vessel Name: Cerulean of Penryn
Vessel Make/Model: Seastream43
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: Richard & Alison Rowley
Richard has been sailing for over 40 years and has done over 12000nm of coastal sailing mainly from out of Portsmouth Harbour (UK) including many cross channel passages to the Channel Islands, and north coast of France and along the UK South coast, as well as yacht charters in Greece and Croatia. [...]
Extra: We have both taken a year off work to sail the Atlantic in our 43' (13m) sailing yacht Cerulean of Penryn which we purchased in 2015. We are signed up for the ARC+ 2018 rally from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to St Lucia via the Cape Verde Islands
Home Page: www.yachtcerulean.com
17 June 2019
14 June 2019 | 47:45N 009:10W
13 June 2019 | 46:38N 010:47W
13 June 2019 | 46:34N 010:51W
11 June 2019 | 44:05N 014:40W
10 June 2019 | 42:51N 018:48W
08 June 2019 | 40:56N 021:26W
07 June 2019 | 38:15N 024:41W
25 May 2019 | Horta, Faial, Azores
21 May 2019 | 38:25N 029:20W
19 May 2019 | 38:31N 034:16W
18 May 2019 | 38:31N 037:37W
17 May 2019 | 38:10N 040:49W
17 May 2019 | 37:55N 042:01W
15 May 2019 | 37:49N 042:58W
15 May 2019 | 36:26N 046:39W
15 May 2019 | 37:10N 044:57W
14 May 2019 | 35:39N 048:42W
14 May 2019 | 35:03N 050:29W
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12 July 2019 | Gosport

A ship is safe in harbour...but that's not what they are for

The Cerulean Big Atlantic Adventure is now over. We are moored back at our home port of Gosport in the UK, and our adventure is rapidly turning into just a memory.

17 June 2019

Bishops Rock

Passage from the Azores to the Scilly Isles

14 June 2019 | 47:45N 009:10W

Ponta Delgado-Bishops Rock 07

Log:958 DTW 166; BTW 039deg 47deg 45'N 009deg 10'W COG: 060 SOG:4.6 Wind SW f3; baro 1016 Status: Sailing; dead run; Port tack; poled out genoa to Starboard

13 June 2019 | 46:38N 010:47W

Ponta Delgado-St Mary's 6

Log:863 DTW 259; BTW 040deg 46deg 38'N 010deg 47'W COG: 040 SOG:6.0 Wind NW f3; baro 1017 Status: motor sailing; main/genoa/staysail

13 June 2019 | 46:34N 010:51W

Ponta Delgado-St Mary's 05

Log:859 DTW 264; BTW 040deg 46deg 34'N 010deg 51'W COG: 040 SOG:6.0 Wind NW f3; baro 1017 Status: motor sailing; main/genoa/staysail

11 June 2019 | 44:05N 014:40W

Ponta Delgado-St mary's 04

Log:6908 DTW 511; BTW 044deg 44deg 05'N 015deg 40'W COG: 075 SOG:5.3 Wind NNE f4; baro 1029 Satus: Sailing 1 reefs main /100% staysail / 100% Genoa


03 December 2018 | 14:16 54:48
Richard Rowley
Distance to go 355Nm, Distance Sailed 1832Nm

Well i hoped you like my little of yesterday and it did not detain you long?

I did the twilight watches last night sunset and sunrise, or more interestingly for me I watched the stars come into view and disappear. I was on 6pm - 9pm and 6am to 10am, on a clear night with no moon it is fabulous to watch the stars and planets to appear, the moon rose with a thin crescent at a about 4am (not on my watch). doing the evening and morning twilight watches is interesting as you can really see how the stars rotate around the pole star, or Polaris, which is hardly visible from this latitude and is very low in the sky just above the horizon directly to the North. my old friend Orion was the first constellation I saw that I recognised, and this was just after dark and it was directly behind, due east. When I came back on watch at 6am I then found Mars slightly west of south with its distinctive red glow, by then high in the sky, and Orion had rotated round and was in front of us to the South West, and by now the Giant Bear had got out of his slumber. and was behind us, upside down and to the NE of us. Venus had also arisen and was keeping the moon company I managed to take a sextant sight of the Venus, I have not done the maths yet , but i am sure I will find that Venus is in the correct position...we could be anywhere!!!

Update on the wildlife...we had a massive party last night on board with guests form other boats turning up making a lot of noise mess and getting drunkl etc...only joking we have not seen another boat for days now...

What I meant was the natural wildlife. We have started seeing flying fish again and the same type as before with a black topside and silver underside and black 'wings' but this morning out of the 4 fish that had jumped on board overnight two of them where very different being silver with gold stripes the wing fins being stripped the same as well. I have also seen a couple of sea birds, they look like the gannets we see in the English Channel, but these are bigger and have black wings feathers on the leading edge and around the head, unlike the ones I am used to which have a yellowish head. Hopefully we see some frigate birds soon and may be some dolphins and whales...may be.

We are moving along at a pace now, 7.5kts - 8.5kts through the water but we seem to have about 0.5kt of current against us which is a bit strange as the North Equatorial Current should go to the west and we should be in it now ggggrrr not sure what is going on with this, whether or not the current really is back to front our our instruments are misreading and misleading us I really do not know, whatever the upshot is that is it knocking 0.5 to 1.0kts off our speed over ground which does not help. It is quite windy with Easterly force 5 to force 6. the swell is perhaps 3-4m and not too uncomfortable. We have upped our pace and have more sail out than we had earlier on during the voyage, if we carry on at this pace we could arrive St Lucia on Wednesday 5th Nov

Enough of my ramblings for now

Fayre wynds and kynd seas

Cerulean of Penryn
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Passage along the south coast from Gosport to Plymouth
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