Yacht Cerulean Atlantic Adventure

Vessel Name: Cerulean of Penryn
Vessel Make/Model: Seastream43
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: Richard & Alison Rowley
Richard has been sailing for over 40 years and has done over 12000nm of coastal sailing mainly from out of Portsmouth Harbour (UK) including many cross channel passages to the Channel Islands, and north coast of France and along the UK South coast, as well as yacht charters in Greece and Croatia. [...]
Extra: We have both taken a year off work to sail the Atlantic in our 43' (13m) sailing yacht Cerulean of Penryn which we purchased in 2015. We are signed up for the ARC+ 2018 rally from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to St Lucia via the Cape Verde Islands
Home Page: www.yachtcerulean.com
18 May 2019 | 32:47N 063:44W
18 May 2019 | 38:31N 037:37W
17 May 2019 | 38:10N 040:49W
17 May 2019 | 37:55N 042:01W
15 May 2019 | 37:49N 042:58W
15 May 2019 | 36:26N 046:39W
15 May 2019 | 37:10N 044:57W
14 May 2019 | 35:39N 048:42W
14 May 2019 | 35:03N 050:29W
13 May 2019 | 34:30N 053:01W
12 May 2019 | 34:27N 054:04W
10 May 2019 | 33:18N 059:11W
09 May 2019 | 33:25N 060:54W
08 May 2019 | 32:58N 062:31W
08 May 2019 | 32:29N 062:45W
29 April 2019 | Convict Bay, St George's Harbour, Bermuda
25 April 2019 | 31:35N 066:04W
25 April 2019 | 31:17N 066:37W
23 April 2019 | 30:08N 070:59W
22 April 2019 | 30:08N 070:59W
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18 May 2019 | 32:47N 063:44W

Bermuda-Horta 01

47.6nm down 1735 to go

18 May 2019 | 38:31N 037:37W

Bermuda-Horta 15

Trip:1379 Distance to Waypoint 423; Bearing to Waypoint 087deg 38deg 31'N 037deg 37'W COG: 092 SOG:7.6 Wind SSW f4-5

17 May 2019 | 38:10N 040:49W

Bermuda-Horta 13

Trip:1249 Distance to Waypoint 674; Bearing to Waypoint 084deg 38deg 10'N 040deg 49'W COG: 081 SOG:5.7 Wind SW f4

17 May 2019 | 37:55N 042:01W

Bermuda-Horta 14

Trip:1192 Distance to Waypoint 632; Bearing to Waypoint 083deg 37deg 55'N 042deg 01'W COG: 081 SOG:6.0 Wind SSW f4-5

15 May 2019 | 37:49N 042:58W

Bermuda-Horta 12

Trip:1148 Distance to Waypoint 677; Bearing to Waypoint 081deg 37deg 49'N 042deg 58'W COG: 075 SOG:6.7 Wind SSW f4-5

15 May 2019 | 36:26N 046:39W

Bermuda-Horta 10

Trip:973 Distance to Waypoint 866; Bearing to Waypoint 076deg 36deg 26'.568N 046deg 39'.106W COG: 072 SOG:7 Wind SSW f4-5

Passage to the Turks & Caicos day 2

15 March 2019 | 19:38 066:44
Richard Rowley
140nm down 280nm to go We are cracking along at the moment on a broad reach at 7kts through the water, one reef in the main and full genoa. We had a slow start yesterday with only 6-8kts of wind directly behind us from the south east, barely pushing us along a 2kts, so resorted to the engine for a couple of hours, to charge the batteries and run the watermaker, but the wind filled in and we managed to sail at 4.5 - 5 knots for the rest of the day and night. We have had the occasional rain squall giving us a bit of a soaking and messing around with the wind gust up to 18kts from every which way, but generally giving us a bit of a lift.

It was a super sunset yesterday as we passed by Peurto Rico, and for the most part (well my watch anyway) a clear moonlit night with the odd shooting star. A colourful sunrise this morning deteriorating into a cloudy, wet and squally morning, but now this afternoon a nice breeze, some blue sky with a few clouds around.

We have seen just a handful of other vessels. One of the Club Med sailing cruise liners passed us a couple miles to starboard in the night heading for the Turks and Caicos (i am sure they are following us around we have seen them everywhere), a few cargo ships including Yacht Express, one of the ships that transport peoples sailing yachts back across the Atlantic to Europe, it was heading for St Thomas in the US virgin Islands, and then, no doubt down to Antigua, a few people we have met on our travels are having their yacht shipped back, probably on that ship.

Old Harry the Hydrovane Wind Vane self steering gear is doing a splendid job as usual keeping us on track, but with these squally winds we are having to make plenty of adjustments, but still it beats hand steering for hours on end and does not use up any precious battery power. We are having to run the generator a couple of times a day for an hour or so to keep the batteries topped up to run the fridge, icebox, lights and of course the VHF, instruments and chartplotter. We use about 7-8amps per hour (at 24v) when sailing, the wind generator, only gives perhaps 1-1.5amps when going downwind, maybe 2-3 amps if we are going up wind. The pair of 50w (12v wired in parallel to give 24v) solar panels seem to be a waste of space barely giving 0.1 of an amp if we are lucky, it may be that they are just too small, badly positioned, or wired up wrong...or may be a combination of all three, In reality I suspect we need a pair of 150w 12v panels. If the 50w ones where running 100% efficiently, is should get 2 amps, a pair of 150w 12V ones may give me 6amps, and if mounted on top of the bimini should avoid being shaded and be more efficient...and that in combination with the wind generator should, almost, make us self sufficent...well now I know...may be next time, oh and another wind generator would not go a miss either...well I am sure you did not want to know about that, but I thought I would share it with you guys...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Fishing...number of fish caught this passage zero, number of fish landed for the entire adventure so far, 2 mackerel off of Portland Bill on day three of our adventure.

It is only 16:00hrs local time here, and I have put a sausage stew in the MrD (thanks for the head's up on that one Steve) which is a fabulous thermal cooker, its a bit like a slow cooker, but you only need to fry off and simmer the ingredients for 15-20 minutes then take it off the heat and put the pot in the thermal canister and leave it to cook for the next three hours or so, it's brilliant and only uses a tiny amount of gas to cook a hearty stew, which will last us a couple of days. Not sure about the sausages though, they look a bit anaemic, i think they may have been turkey sausages. Turkey seems to be a staple in the Caribbean amongst the locals, turkey sausages and turkey bacon, must be a cheap way of providing protien, pork and beef and even chicken tends to relatively expensive in comparison, even fish is quite expensive, as it has to be caught off shore to avoid the risk of Ciguatera poisoning from fish that feed off the coral or fish that feed off fish that feed of the coral, if you know what I mean.

All this gabling on to you I missed the 16:00 log entry, by the way sea temperature is 26.4 degrees C, it has cooled down a bit, it was 28 degrees further south in the Grenadines.

Our ETA for Grand Turk is probably going to be Midday local time Monday 18th March, may be sooner, may be later...depends on the wind.

Better go and have a look out for ships...bye for now

Richard and Alison yacht Cerulean of Penryn

if you want to see pictures or more loo us up on for us at www.yachtcerulean.com facebook @yachtcerulean, instagram and if that is not enough you can always search 'Yacht Cerulean' on youtube if you are really bored.
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