Yacht Cerulean Atlantic Adventure

Vessel Name: Cerulean of Penryn
Vessel Make/Model: Seastream43
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: Richard & Alison Rowley
Richard has been sailing for over 40 years and has done over 12000nm of coastal sailing mainly from out of Portsmouth Harbour (UK) including many cross channel passages to the Channel Islands, and north coast of France and along the UK South coast, as well as yacht charters in Greece and Croatia. [...]
Extra: We have both taken a year off work to sail the Atlantic in our 43' (13m) sailing yacht Cerulean of Penryn which we purchased in 2015. We are signed up for the ARC+ 2018 rally from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to St Lucia via the Cape Verde Islands
Home Page: www.yachtcerulean.com
18 May 2019 | 32:47N 063:44W
18 May 2019 | 38:31N 037:37W
17 May 2019 | 38:10N 040:49W
17 May 2019 | 37:55N 042:01W
15 May 2019 | 37:49N 042:58W
15 May 2019 | 36:26N 046:39W
15 May 2019 | 37:10N 044:57W
14 May 2019 | 35:39N 048:42W
14 May 2019 | 35:03N 050:29W
13 May 2019 | 34:30N 053:01W
12 May 2019 | 34:27N 054:04W
10 May 2019 | 33:18N 059:11W
09 May 2019 | 33:25N 060:54W
08 May 2019 | 32:58N 062:31W
08 May 2019 | 32:29N 062:45W
29 April 2019 | Convict Bay, St George's Harbour, Bermuda
25 April 2019 | 31:35N 066:04W
25 April 2019 | 31:17N 066:37W
23 April 2019 | 30:08N 070:59W
22 April 2019 | 30:08N 070:59W
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18 May 2019 | 32:47N 063:44W

Bermuda-Horta 01

47.6nm down 1735 to go

18 May 2019 | 38:31N 037:37W

Bermuda-Horta 15

Trip:1379 Distance to Waypoint 423; Bearing to Waypoint 087deg 38deg 31'N 037deg 37'W COG: 092 SOG:7.6 Wind SSW f4-5

17 May 2019 | 38:10N 040:49W

Bermuda-Horta 13

Trip:1249 Distance to Waypoint 674; Bearing to Waypoint 084deg 38deg 10'N 040deg 49'W COG: 081 SOG:5.7 Wind SW f4

17 May 2019 | 37:55N 042:01W

Bermuda-Horta 14

Trip:1192 Distance to Waypoint 632; Bearing to Waypoint 083deg 37deg 55'N 042deg 01'W COG: 081 SOG:6.0 Wind SSW f4-5

15 May 2019 | 37:49N 042:58W

Bermuda-Horta 12

Trip:1148 Distance to Waypoint 677; Bearing to Waypoint 081deg 37deg 49'N 042deg 58'W COG: 075 SOG:6.7 Wind SSW f4-5

15 May 2019 | 36:26N 046:39W

Bermuda-Horta 10

Trip:973 Distance to Waypoint 866; Bearing to Waypoint 076deg 36deg 26'.568N 046deg 39'.106W COG: 072 SOG:7 Wind SSW f4-5

West Palm Beach to Bermuda 4

21 April 2019 | 29:27N 073:13W
Richard Rowley
Happy Easter everybody

We celebrated with a fried egg, bacon followed by chocolate brownie...

Well the weather has settled down nicely and we are managing some nice sailing and being able to dry the boat and our clothes out a bit, there is even some blue sky behind us trying to catch us up.

I noticed the engine bilge looking a bit full of oily water and assumed I had a fuel leak and checked the tank and thought it was 100lts less than it should have been. Only place I could see that was leaking was the seals around the engine fuel filter. I changed the filter and seals, hopefully tat may have solved, also re-done my maths on fuel usage and only 57ltrs missing, this could be i did not fill it right up and combination of loosing a bit, monitoring the situation. One reason for the bilge being full is that we did take on board a lot of water either through breaking waves or rain water and that would have run down to that bilge. The bilge under the stern gland was full the other day, my fear was that the lip seal had gone, but that, thankfully seams ok, I think the water had come in through the cockpit lockers and drained down to there and the lumber hole from that compartment to the main compartment was blocked, once i cleared that it drained away, I can not be 100% sure it is not leaking, don't want to get too close when it is turning, seems to be dry when it is not turning.

Whilst I was bleeding the engine after changing the fuel filter, I noticed a spark from one of the wires from the loom that runs under the filter from the Starter Motor Relay, the wire continued smouldering once the ignition was off. I removed the insulation tape wrapping and found that one of the wires had its insulation melted through, I managed to replace a section of this wire and all seems good now. I suspect that it was this wire that gave me the starter motor problem when we was back in Dartmouth, the engineer there said that one of the wires has probably lost a bit of its resistance, and he changed the relay from 40amp to 100amp and that sorted the immediate problem, I asked if we should find the dodgy wire and replace it, 'na it will be fine' well it could have a) caused a serious fire, and b) at least failed and caused us to burn out another starter motor and blow up the engine batteries again as well as the battery switch. so quite relieved to have spotted this and dealt with it before it became a problem....even if there was not a serious fuel leak...also found and fixed a minor oil leak. There has been some oil in the bilge for ages, just difficult to get out, but may be all the agitation with the stormy weather and water leaking in stirred things up a bit

After motoring for a while in light winds, we are now sailing at 6-7kts making 070deg with wind just forward of the beam TWS 15kts TWD 200deg, just under genoa and staysail and Old Harry at the helm. I must say that I thought we would struggle without the main, but we seem to be coping quite well. I thought it might be difficult to balance the boat for Old Harry to steer by with out the main but it all seems to work rather well. If we can we might tackle the main sail repair if we get some flat calm, do not want to take the whole sail off if we can avoid it.

It looks like we should have a nice 10-15kts for the next few days to till the end of this particular passage, unfortunately some of it will be coming straight from the NE when we want to go...

We have noticed it certainly getting colder, we have our jumpers, long trousers and thick socks out out, its quite a shock, but today is quite nice.

Fayre Wynds and Kynd Seas

Richard and Alison yacht Cerulean of Penryn

if you want to see pictures or more look us up on for us at www.yachtcerulean.com facebook @yachtcerulean, instagram and if that is not enough you can always search 'Yacht Cerulean' on youtube if you are really bored.
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Passage along the south coast from Gosport to Plymouth
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