Yacht Cerulean Atlantic Adventure

Vessel Name: Cerulean of Penryn
Vessel Make/Model: Seastream43
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: Richard & Alison Rowley
Richard has been sailing for over 40 years and has done over 12000nm of coastal sailing mainly from out of Portsmouth Harbour (UK) including many cross channel passages to the Channel Islands, and north coast of France and along the UK South coast, as well as yacht charters in Greece and Croatia. [...]
Extra: We have both taken a year off work to sail the Atlantic in our 43' (13m) sailing yacht Cerulean of Penryn which we purchased in 2015. We are signed up for the ARC+ 2018 rally from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to St Lucia via the Cape Verde Islands
Home Page: www.yachtcerulean.com
17 June 2019
14 June 2019 | 47:45N 009:10W
13 June 2019 | 46:38N 010:47W
13 June 2019 | 46:34N 010:51W
11 June 2019 | 44:05N 014:40W
10 June 2019 | 42:51N 018:48W
08 June 2019 | 40:56N 021:26W
07 June 2019 | 38:15N 024:41W
25 May 2019 | Horta, Faial, Azores
21 May 2019 | 38:25N 029:20W
19 May 2019 | 38:31N 034:16W
18 May 2019 | 38:31N 037:37W
17 May 2019 | 38:10N 040:49W
17 May 2019 | 37:55N 042:01W
15 May 2019 | 37:49N 042:58W
15 May 2019 | 36:26N 046:39W
15 May 2019 | 37:10N 044:57W
14 May 2019 | 35:39N 048:42W
14 May 2019 | 35:03N 050:29W
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12 July 2019 | Gosport

A ship is safe in harbour...but that's not what they are for

The Cerulean Big Atlantic Adventure is now over. We are moored back at our home port of Gosport in the UK, and our adventure is rapidly turning into just a memory.

17 June 2019

Bishops Rock

Passage from the Azores to the Scilly Isles

14 June 2019 | 47:45N 009:10W

Ponta Delgado-Bishops Rock 07

Log:958 DTW 166; BTW 039deg 47deg 45'N 009deg 10'W COG: 060 SOG:4.6 Wind SW f3; baro 1016 Status: Sailing; dead run; Port tack; poled out genoa to Starboard

13 June 2019 | 46:38N 010:47W

Ponta Delgado-St Mary's 6

Log:863 DTW 259; BTW 040deg 46deg 38'N 010deg 47'W COG: 040 SOG:6.0 Wind NW f3; baro 1017 Status: motor sailing; main/genoa/staysail

13 June 2019 | 46:34N 010:51W

Ponta Delgado-St Mary's 05

Log:859 DTW 264; BTW 040deg 46deg 34'N 010deg 51'W COG: 040 SOG:6.0 Wind NW f3; baro 1017 Status: motor sailing; main/genoa/staysail

11 June 2019 | 44:05N 014:40W

Ponta Delgado-St mary's 04

Log:6908 DTW 511; BTW 044deg 44deg 05'N 015deg 40'W COG: 075 SOG:5.3 Wind NNE f4; baro 1029 Satus: Sailing 1 reefs main /100% staysail / 100% Genoa

Bermuda-Horta 16

19 May 2019 | 38:31N 034:16W
Richard Rowley
Trip:1521 Distance to Waypoint 265; Bearing to Waypoint 089deg 38deg 31'N 034deg 15'W COG: 0103 SOG:6.0 Wind SW f4

Boat time 15:30 (UT-3)

Watching the weather.

The British are renowned for there preoccupation of talking about the weather...is it going to rain today? shall I take an umbrella? turned out nice again...and all that.

Well for yachtsmen and seafarers the world over taking about and watching the weather is part of everyday life and a necessity, to ensure a safe and comfortable passage as possible...it may safe your life.

We know that we have some adverse weather coming from our forecasts, the Admiral, Alison's brother sends me a daily forecasts and updates, and I am able to download grib files via Satellite phone and SSB radio and modem. This information is essential to give us and indication of what is happening and is going to happen, but they are only forecasts based on computer generated models. What is important is what is happening out in the field. or in our case in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or to be more precise at 38deg 31'N 034deg 15'W and beyond. We are fortunate enough on this passage to be able to discuss and plan our route of having company in the form of another yacht we have been passage making with SY Emotion.

A low is is supposed to be approaching us from the west and it is supposed to be bringing with it strong winds and rain. We need top be prepared and make sure the boat i s prepared, items are secured and we have shortened sail in good time. We intend to hoist the storm jib and put the third reef into the main. All these jobs require working on the foredeck, which in the wind and sea we have at the moment is relatively safe and easy to do, but, if you leave it too late and you are in a rough sea and strong winds it becomes a whole lot harder and the risks are greater, of damaging or loosing gear, injury and possible falling overboard.

This might not be of interest to some of you and others may find it intersting

I started watching the weather more closely when I went on watch yesterday morning:

04:00 The sun rose 10 minutes later behind low cloud on the horizon, 10 minutes later it was a golden shining orbe above the clouds spreading a warm glow, above us 7/8ths cloud cover Wind SW f4. Barometer 1025

05:00 Blue sky overhead and to the south of us some fair weather clouds to the south of us. Hazy on the horizon; Thickening cloud to the west and north of us. 3/8th cloud

06:00; 7/8ths cloud all around us; some blue patches above us; could see high altitude cirrus clouds aboce alto sirrus. SW 5; 1025mb

08:00; 3/8th cloud again. this time mackerel skies (Cirrocumulus), sign of approaching front 6-12hrs. Thick and layered cloud to far north and far west; blue sky to east and south disappearing into a hazy horizon.; SW f5; 1026mb

09:00; 4/8ths cloud; mackerel skies being enveloped from below by thickening altostratus clouds ; SW 4; 1025mb

10:00; 4/8the cloud; altosrtatus; SW 4; 1026mb

12:00; 5/8th cloud; thin wispy Cirrus all around; some blue sky patches; SW4; 1023mb

Altered heading from due east 089deg to EES 103 to take us further away from centre of storm and give us a better angle on wind to Horta once front has passed and wind backed to west.

14:00; 4/8th cloud; mackerel sky (Cc) and mares tails (Ci), classic sign of approaching warm front in 12-15hrs; SW4; 1023mb

15:00; 5/8th cloud; mackerel sky being envelope from below by Altostratus; SW4; 1023mb

16:00; 5/8th cloud; much of the medium level altostratus has cleared leaving high level cirrus wisps; large patches of blue sky; wisps of cirrus; Mackerel sky to west; SW 4-5 1023mb;

16:30: Mackerel sky and mares tails being enveloped by lower level Altrostratus clouds Took down yankee jib and hoisted the storm jib in its place, whilst it was still daylight and relatively calm; set stay sail as well; still 2 reefs in main; still making good speed over 6kts; wind now gusting 25kts; 1023mb

18:23; 3/8th cloud clearing; SW4; 1023mb

20:00 Put 3rd reef into mainsail; still making 6kts; motion more comfortable

21:00; 3/8th Mares tails; thickening Altostratus from behind; SW5; 1023mb

22:00; clear sky

20/05 00:00 6/8ths mackerel sky being enveloped form below by altostratus; halo around moon SW 5-6; 1023mnb

02:00; 8/8th Altostratus; SW 5-6; 1022mb

04:00; 6/8th Altostratus above; mares tails ahead SW4-5; 1022mb

07:00; 4/8th Mackerel aky and mares tails dotted around in all directions; lots of blue sky around; thick layered darker cloud on horizon to west; ...all looks quite beautiful at the moment, but is sign of adverse weather approaching 12-24hrs; SW f4-5 1021mb

We are now about 30 hrs from Horta.

We have a constant succession over the past 24hrs of mackerel skies and mares tail covered and then uncovered by layered altostratus cloud from below, changing every couple of hours or so. I do know why this has been, may be a series of small fronts passing; visibility has been good through out all of this and we have not had any rain...may be we are traveling at similar speed to the weather system and not letting it catch up.

The surface pressure has remained quite high, my grib files tell me that it should be 1017-1019mb rather than 1025-1021 we have been reading, but the barometer is slowly going down.

I am expecting the front to be upon us in 9-10hrs time by 20:00UT today 20/05 17:00 boat time (UT-3) then we should have an increase in wind strength may be 30kts+ and lots of rain; the cold front then passing tomorrow morning 21/05 06:00UT 03:00 boat time; and then the wind to back and go round to the west and reduce a bit, and then the rain might stop, and we can then alter course directly to Horta by then will be another half day or so arriving mid afternoon tomorrow 21/05.

We shall see how things pan out.

Richard and Alison yacht Cerulean of Penryn

if you want to see pictures or more look us up on for us at www.yachtcerulean.com facebook @yachtcerulean, instagram and if that is not enough you can always search 'Yacht Cerulean' on youtube if you are really bored.
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