What do you want in a new design ?

12 December 2009 | New York

Input from the folks who know

12 December 2009 | New York
Eric J Holohan
Good morning folks
I am yacht designer / Naval Architect living in Long Island NY USA. I am looking for input form sailors anywhere to aid in the development of a new design concept.
a little background on the project : I was a liveaboard for several years in Ireland and other parts of Europe before going to New York to study Naval Architecture and hen Yacht design. Now having spent five years getting qualified I still have a lot of ideas from my livaboard days that I want to incorporate into my designs.
Now I am not a know it all , and I understand that there are many many trade offs to be made when designing every boat but evry sailor out there has a list of things they would change or revise on their boat.
So here is my question , and it is asked in an open minded and realistic way.


every comment is valid ( unless it is ment in a derogitive way) and all the sailors out there have the power to change the yacht designs of the future , you also have the knowlege and insight to understand what is just a fad or is realy worth incorporating .
if you would like to see some of the work I have done so far you can visit my facebook page under Holohan Marine ( please become a fan and recieve updates as I do them ) or go to Holohanmarine.com and see more info
Thanks to all for your input in advance
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