Yacht Larus

A slow circumnavigation

Vessel Name: Larus
Vessel Make/Model: Slipper 42
Hailing Port: Southampton
Crew: Tim Chapman and Nancy Martiniuk
About: Sailing together since 1988
Home Page: Http://www.sailblogs.com/member/yachtlarus
18 June 2016
03 December 2015 | Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI
03 June 2015 | Antigua
19 October 2014 | Trinidad
04 July 2014 | Bequia
02 March 2014 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
25 February 2014
24 January 2014 | Bequia
18 December 2013
09 December 2013
23 October 2013 | Port de Plaisance, St Martin
05 September 2013
11 June 2013
11 June 2013
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18 June 2016

Blog is moving

There is no perfect blog site for those of us who have almost permanent internet challenges, however we're moving from Sailblogs now to a new blog site. The posts here will remain but all future posts will be at;

21 February 2016

Every cloud has a silver lining

It came to light during the Boat show that the boat's insurers were insisting that the delivery skipper had an Ocean endorsement on their Yachtmaster ticket. Tim doesn't have this. He's had his Yachtmaster for over 20 years and in those days Yachtmaster Offshore was the highest level of certification. [...]

04 February 2016

Best laid plans and all that.

Belated Happy New Year to all.

03 December 2015 | Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

Blog 78 - Cruising once again

Having just reread our last blog, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that it was pretty much spot on.

03 June 2015 | Antigua

Work, Work and more work.

It is an awfully long time since our last blog and we really haven't been doing much other than working.

27 October 2014

On the hard Chaguaramas and crusing in Tobago

Spring this year, April to July, found us working pretty hard. Summer found us spending our hard earned gains treating Larus and ourselves to some TLC. While Tim and I visited friends and family in Canada and the UK, we left Larus on the hard in Coral Cove Marina, Chaguaramas, Trinidad in the care [...]

19 October 2014 | Trinidad

New paint job

Couldn't resist painting the boat at Trinidad prices. Looking gorgeous in a slightly warmer shade of white. Also rolled on 4 more coats of Coppercoat for good measure.

04 July 2014 | Bequia

We’re still here!

And by ‚Äėhere‚Äô I mean, Guadeloupe, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Marten and the British Virgin Islands. We have been working quite a lot over the last few months, and are currently in the Grenadines doing nothing but looking after Larus and pleasing ourselves.

02 March 2014 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

The Run Up to Carnival

Trinidad is obsessed with Carnival. I've read that between Carnivals, the Trini's are either reminiscing about the previous Carnival or planning for the next.

25 February 2014


With our week long charter in the BVI completed we headed back to Bequia. Again, we had a great time and many laughs with our guests on 'Faith.' We also celebrated our Captain's birthday with cake, candles and, most importantly, ice cream.

24 January 2014 | Bequia

Charters and Bequia

Both Tim and I have been out on charter. I worked for two weeks in Guadeloupe on a 70' Flagship catamaran while Tim got called out to a short notice charter in the BVI.

Atlantic crossing day 8 & 9

04 February 2013 | Over half way
Day 8 - 1200 Saturday 2nd of Feb to 1200 Sunday 3rd of Feb

1199 nautical miles to go.

Still becalmed. We motored slowly through the night and drifted along through the day. We read and snoozed and it was very pleasant.

Every once in a while during these calm nights, there will be an almighty bash on the side of the hull. It's the sort of noise that you hear when a rogue wave whacks you on the side. With no wind and no waves this was a little perplexing until Tim suggested that maybe we were being hit by flying fish.

We haven't had any on deck at all recently, but we have noticed the odd flaky patch of silver and black scales on various hard surfaces. We now think we've been bombarded in the night, and they've just been ricocheting off.

Not that I miss chucking their crisp little bodies over the side, but they are rather funny to see on deck in the morning. Their little 'flying' fins stick straight out to the side and their surprisingly large eyes give them an astonished look. There is something of the ¬'chalked around crime scene bodies¬' look to them - you know that awkward pose the bodies are always shown in. I have photos so in time you¬'ll see what I mean.

We did a whoping great 80 nm in the last 24 hours. We are revising our passage time from 16 days to a little more.

Day 9 - 1200 Sunday 3rd of Feb to 1200 Monday 4th of Feb

1048 nautical miles to go.

We hit the halfway point of 1050 nm just before noon and early this morning the wind has come up to a steady Force 4/5. We are now making sensible progress and are looking forward for a much more encouraging TTG ¬- Time To Go ¬- tomorrow. Not that we aren¬'t enjoying this, but I think we¬'ll enjoy the Caribbean at least as much.
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