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Follow our cruise! We are Ann & Mats on yacht Olivia, an Overseas 40 bluewater cruising sailboat.

24 July 2019 | Lagos, Portugal
12 July 2019
29 June 2019
23 June 2019 | North Atlantic
17 June 2019 | North Atlantic
11 June 2019
30 May 2019 | St Georges, Bermuda
27 May 2019
24 May 2019
24 May 2019 | Masonboro, NC
22 May 2019 | Masonboro NC
23 April 2014 | Caribean Sea
23 April 2014 | Caribean Sea
11 February 2014
05 February 2014
03 February 2014 | North Atlantic
02 February 2014 | North Atlantic
01 February 2014 | North Atlantic
31 January 2014 | North Atlantic

Days 1-5

22 May 2019 | Masonboro NC
Ann Ljungberg | Cloudy and hot
So, we finally managed to take off Saturday after a week of complications and adjustments.

I was going to introduce our crew member here, but let's just call him Mr Chicken, he jumped ship before we took off. We're back to the two of us - Captain Mats and 1st mate Ann and right now that feels pretty good.

Our first day at sea - after being waved off by lovely Margaret and Bill (thanks guys!) - was spent getting sails up and ropes in order. The first few hours had some heavy boat traffic, passing Jekyll and St Simons Islands and it was GREAT getting out to the solitude at open sea. We had a meal at sundown and started our night watches where Captain got to sleep a little longer and Ann was gazing at the stars and lucking out with the sunrise!

Day 2 - little wind, small but choppy waves, mainsail and cutter sail up and getting a little help from the engine. We were exited about the prospect of getting further out at sea (still going north not to far from the coast but far enough not to see it). Had a great dinner, barbecuing sausages from the farmer's market. Our grill works well at sea! And then we had an alarming mail from our weather guy!

Day 3. We need to seek shelter before 6pm when a northerly low will hit! Aiming for Masonboro Inlet where there is plenty of anchorage. We're doing good speed as the wind is picking up so decide to turn off the engine. And then it will not start again! For the first time ever, we need to call assistance. A guy from Towboat US arrives as we are approaching the inlet. By then, Captain has worked his magic - the engine starts but will not back up (needed for anchoring) so Towboat Tom escorts us in and gives us all kinds of good tips for parts and The rest of the day is spent fixing the engine as well as we can without some needed parts. And cooking a delicious Lamb Kleftiko.

Day 4. (Tuesday)
Where is that hard wind? Not here, but the next week looks horrendous with a big system forming at sea. It looks like we might be stuck here for a while unless we choose a more southerly route. Weather guy is on it.
We spend the day looking through the engine again and seem to have most things fixed.

Day 5.
We're hoping to get a lift into town with another cruiser who is anchored here. Not really intrigued getting our dingy out of ocean storage. And it's a little too windy to take our sailboat into the dock - but that might happen tomorrow. With the prospect of filling water tomorrow we might splurge a little today - shower time! It has been REALLY hot here.
Vessel Name: Olivia
Vessel Make/Model: Overseas 40
Hailing Port: Stockholm
Home Page: http://www.yachtolivia.se
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