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Follow our cruise! We are Ann & Mats on yacht Olivia, an Overseas 40 bluewater cruising sailboat.

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Days 43 - 57

12 July 2019
This has been a crossing with complications, but now less than 500 NM remain to the mainland. We are hopeful.

As I told you last time, we arrived in Horta June 29. We immediately fell in love with the athmosphere on the island. Low key, low clouds, simple and magnificent. Peter's legendary Cafe Sport became our go-to place and their fishsoup (€2) is amazing - definitely beats the €50 bouillabaisse we had in Marseille on my birthday a couple of years ago.

We were going to explore the islands but everything came to a halt when I had notice of my mother dying in Sweden. I got on a flight as quickly as possible but sadly did not make it back in time. Only two months earlier we had our yearly week together in London, a precious time that we both cherished - where she was so full of life. My most beloved person ever is gone and it's been tough.

I came back to Horta last Saturday and we took off sailing again Tuesday morning. Since then we have beautiful days with subtle waves and a wind that keeps getting better. Looks like we might get to Lagos, Portugal, before Tuesday morning.

We have lots of that great fishsoup from Peter's onboard, and yesterday we flipped hamburgers from the really good meat we bought from the farmers market in Brunswick - we might not have to cook any other things during the rest of the sail unless we get bored. No fishing luck though! But we had dolphins again today - a black/white speedy kind.

I would really like to return to the Azores someday to see more. It was absolutely gorgeous sailing along the islands of Pico and Sao Miguel (with internet connection!) - there is so much to explore! We decided to speed up to be home in time for the funeral early August. And speeding we are, right now at almost 8 knots!

Vessel Name: Olivia
Vessel Make/Model: Overseas 40
Hailing Port: Stockholm
Home Page: http://www.yachtolivia.se
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