Restless Goes Sailing

No hire cars on lanzarote so on our bikes

Lanzarote was fantastic, but unfortunately there were no hire cars unless we waited until Wednesday. Most of the hire fleet were sold due to the pandemic and there is still a shortage. A shame as we planned to visit the national park and have a look at the works of César Martinique who seems to have been responsible for much of the way lanzarote has been developed. Not to worry we were able to hire bikes and explore our area at playa balance. Phew it was hot. Essentially you have the volcanoes and then a fringe around the shore with developments, mainly tourism but no high rise thanks to sr Martinique. The shoreline is rocky and then the beautiful azure sea. There are a few small beaches but what is nice is that families just pitch chairs, umbrellas etc and “claim” their own bit of shoreline. Lots of diving and snorkelling. It was great. Cycle a bit and then just stop, go for a swim, dry out, cycle a bit, swim etc. Having missed some of what we hoped to visit we hope that we might come back as tourists whilst Tim recuperates perhaps by ferry. On Monday we were off, having really enjoyed our stay. Fuerteventura beckoned.