Restless Goes Sailing

Grand tarajal fuertaventura

We had two options. Either go to Gran Canaria direct from lanzarote or detour. We decided to detour via fuertaventura for a day sail. This is our first day sail since Jura to bangor which was quite a surprise when we realised that. The winds were forecast northerly and we wanted more sailing with headsails. We set off about 8.30 into a calm morning. We are having some problems with the in-boom reefing which is frustrating. Occasionally you have to yank the reefing lines out of the boom when hoisting.not quite sure why we may get someone to look at it. When it works it is great as you can reef from the cockpit, but it’s frustrating when it jams which it did. We quickly got sorted out and headed across towards the north end of fuertaventura. What a sight. At least 6 massive volcanos with really visible craters. Really amazing. The landscape is quite bare from the sea it looks rocky/dusty but there may be foliage that isn’t obvious. The wind was initially blowing off the land as we sailed down the east coast of the island.but by lunchtime it was in the northeast and we were able to drop the main and fly the twin headsails. The wind went very light but we managed 3 knots which was respectable. Tim took photos but will he share them? We lost the wind so motored the last couple of hours. Grand tarajal is described as traditional and unspoilt which it seems to be. The marina is described in the pilot as basic, but with everything you need. Whilst it has no waterside bars and shops, it is well protected by sea walls, plenty of space, shore power, showers, electricity, etc. Great value at 10 euros for the night! We strolled out and had a great seafood meal, our host was quite a character... it would have been rude to say no to our freeebie shots. Not sure I really needed a honey flavoured boozy shot but it was lovely, a bit like glayva. Today we are planning to head off to Gran Canaria. Another overnight sail and the forecast is for quite frisky weather. Also another traffic separation scheme to tangle with. We need to get to Gran Canaria to sort the boat out before leaving her, we also need to sort out COVID tests before flying etc. And sort out passenger locator forms. Our first attempts to engage with the govt website suggests this won’t be easy so we are allowing extra time before flying on 14th. Fingers crossed things will be drama free on the final leg of this stage of the journey. Planning a swim and showers before leaving. Proper black sand beach here, two yachts were anchored off the beach last night, it is a lovely spot indeed. My attempt at volcano photography attached. As usual it doesn’t capture the grandeur of what we saw.