Restless Goes Sailing

Sunny upgrades

Phew, hot here, almost 30 degrees in the afternoon. We fabricated a Bimini, which is a cockpit cover rather than a two piece sailing suit (bikini). We also recklessly splashed out on a wind scoop which you see over the fore hatch. This moves a bit of air through the boat. Tim’s mounting block of steps seen at the front allows him to get on board easily, but
he would almost be fine without it I think. Hopefully photo attached. Working through jobs. Attached sat comms to main power, rather than cigarette lighter thing. Refitted a bit of soundproofing in engine, Tim currently putting hinges on galley cool box, so that if we roll I’d doesn’t take our heads off. Fitted clear tube over vane lines and mooring lines to prevent chafe. I made mosquito hatch covers with mosquito net and bungee cord, and put a lot of catches and bungee on interior lockers to stop them slamming open if we are heeled over. Also managed to negotiate a Spanish supermarket website and get a grocery delivery. Seems like a plan for when I am provisioning. Brought 300 early grey teabags from UK for Tim, but that will require a lot of UHT milk, not to mention the beers😀. Tim is doing his Astro nav training on-line and seems to enjoy it. Next week, which is week 3 post op we will get into weightier work, with hull cleaning and practicing man-over-board recovery in week 4 we hope. When we are sailing and being blown to bits and soaked I will try to remember what hot harbour life was like.