Restless Goes Sailing

Provisioning for the next stages

It will take us about a week to get to the Cape Verde’s, and then about 3 or even closer to 4 weeks across. We leave Cape Verde on 19th Nov. And the prize giving In Grenada only 20 days later on 9th Dec. We aim to average 100 miles a day but if he winds are light we may not do that. How can we win if we haven’t arrived ? Maybe they have a “late comers” trophy. They created one at Forth Corinthian for us when gamely we raced our 6m bilge keeler Variety. The race officers were falling asleep by the time we finished, but we were thrilled to get a tooted as we crossed the line. Back to provisioning. We then have four months cruising around and then 5 or 6 weeks back. On that basis we are provisioning for 12 weeks, and a bit more. That gives us what we need for getting there, getting back home, and some food in between which we plan to supplement locally. We don’t want to be chasing around for the basics when we could be sailing. Also there may be a bit of quarantine so we need to cater for that. Good news. Covid in Grenada is reducing. We have booked and paid for our arrival tests, which were a reasonable £35 each. We have created a menu plan repeating roughly fortnightly. Evening meals are variously pasta based, curry based which includes veggie curries, noodle based, risotto (might need to rethink that risotto rice takes about 20 mins, could be too heavy on gas), tinned meals like my fave chilli con carne, beans based, and then fish which will be mainly tinned but I have weakened my stance on fishing. Tim is looking round for a thing that makes the lure dive down, we have seen only one so far. Tim is getting a bit obsessed by fishing gear but the one in one out rule applies, and he hates to get rid of stuff. We have devised the same manner of plan for lunches and breakfasts. Given our tea habit we will be taking 50 litres of UHT milk which is about 20 weeks worth. Beers not yet quantified😀. In the 1990’s or early 2000’s I bought Tim a book “Ocean Cruising on a Budget” by Anne Hammick who still contributes to many cruising guides. It is a fantastic book. She sailed extensively on her Rustler 31 called Wrestler, and we saw Wrestler in Falmouth. Back to provisioning, she writes for boats like us without freezers or even fridges whilst passage making. She explains what you should stock up on, and our own list meets most of her criteria. She gave her opinion on canned butter, saying it doesn’t keep better than ordinary butter. CANNED BUTTER, who has even heard of that. Needless to say next trip to shops there it was, and here it is (see photo). Today, we are marking up the headsail pole lines a bit better. It was a temp job on the way down. It means we can put the sheets through and rig them before hoisting sails. Monday, cleaning and polishing the hull and onto the next weeks jobs. New boats arriving every couple of hours. More ARC and ARC + flags every day. I’ve got marina fatigue already, but another few weeks of taking it easy will be good for Tim. He’s back to gentle jogging and swimming so making good progress. Needless to say he is working as I type. My real priority today is an extra strength hair mask, the sun is wreaking havoc and causing frizz. Not very nautical but necessary. If you need canned butter just let me know, I have a source. 😀