Restless Goes Sailing

Cape Verde days 6, 7, and 8 so far

Friday 12th carried on with great sailing until a wind shift mid-afternoon caused us to reduce sail. The cruising chute wouldn’t hoist we suspect a twist, so instead hoisted the twin headsails which are still up today. We had light airs (not complaining), until yesterday morning when the wind filled in. We have been running straight downwind for two days in variable winds. Occasionally a bit light and we feel the effect of the swell, or like now perfect. We are in about force 5 wind, straight downwind, in fabulous weather. Sunshine and blue skies, sea state modest. Lots to tell you but one that cannot wait. FLYING 🐠 all around. Like little silver birds. Amazing. I thought they were fish that jumped out of thee sea and flew “sort of”. Not so, accomplished in flight, turning and banking. Re-entry to water needs a bit of work. Currently at 9.45 we have 82 miles to go. Should arrive tomorrow morning if current conditions prevail. Would prefer to arrive in daylight but we will see how we go. Fingers crossed no last minute glitches.