Restless Goes Sailing

Live from Mindelo

Wow, we made it. Got in at 3a.m. It was a bit tricky coming into a strange port at night, and we were frazzled. We knew lots of the navigation lights didn’t work, but last night very few that we needed were on. Absolutely amazing weeks sailing, so much to share with you. However, having arrived at 3a.m. We stayed up til 6 a.m. in an adrenalin rush, then had to be up at 9 for health official to okay us. Got that done, then port authority and then ARC folks. Boats papers and passports retained until we leave. Interestingly each passport had to be accompanied by 5 euros in paper money, suffice to say we are a bit knackered. However, diesel and water both filled today. Washing going to be collected by laundry at 5 pm and then social event tonight. Must get properly rested as we leave on Friday. Mindelo on our brief outing seems exotic. Despite a colonial past linked to Portugal it is geographically and culturally close to its African neighbours. In the street are women in colourful robes with baskets of fruit on their heads, no men yet but they no doubt do it to. Street vendors are selling fish and a few veggies from buckets. This morning we saw about 8 guys in a rowing boat fishing in the marina by making a net into a big circle to round up fish. Their pals in another small boat then took hold of part of the circle of net with fish and they all lent into the net with buckets and scooped out the fish and put them into the bottom of their boats which they had filled with water. Not what captain Birdseye taught me about the fishing industry at all. Not caught up with the YB tracker yet nor the Cruising club website. We may be designated “did not finish”. If we are, that is misleading, we finished at 3.30 and posted a race declaration, but there are rules that Restless may have fallen foul of, but that wouldn’t matter a jot, nor detract from our excitement at being part of this adventure. Will explain all when I give you an update, once we have slept. Thanks for all the fantastic and fun support, we are having a blast. Currently in a floating bar, just to get WIFI you understand. 😂 going on bus tour tomorrow to see something of the island. Mountains jumping up from the sea all around it looks dramatic. This picture should be the fishing guys. They put a diver in the water, not sure why, maybe to round up the fish. You can see him I think in the net.