Restless Goes Sailing

Racing rules and plans for leg 2

To explain the rules. Leg 1 of the race was 865 miles in a direct line. The only real race instructions were about the start and leaving Gran Canaria to starboard. As I explained yachts are given a “handicap” to even things up between large and small boats. So Latrobe an oyster 72, whose handicap is 1.167, would have her actual time multiplied by that. E.g. 60 mins becoming 70.32 mins “corrected time” whilst restless on a handicap of 0791 would have 60 minutes adjusted to 47.46 minutes. This seems all fair and good. For ARC there is a further adjustment for using your engine for propulsion which is not usually allowed. However ARC rules put a finish time on the race of 1700 hours on Sunday. This gave a possible race time of 172 hours. If Restless had constant wind from the right direction and sailed in a straight line she would need to average 865/172= just over 5 knots. That is a big ask when sailing conservatively. This finish time is the same for large and small boats, but arguably easier to achieve in a bigger craft. The race instructions say that even if you successfully complete the course if you are later than allowed you will be classed as “did not finish”. Not sure how we were classed but as we were a few hours late I suspect we are DNF. Just to explain in case you think I am kidding you on about taking part and am currently at anchor round the back of Kerrera. Race instructions for race 2 are issued. The race length is 2440 miles. The duration is until an allowed time limit until 1500 UTC on 7 December which on my initial calculations is 431.5 hours. So if we are to finish within the limit we need to constantly achieve 5.64 knots directly to the finish. As you know yachts sail at an angle to the wind changing direction all the time. It will be a challenge to make the time limit but we are definitely going to try. This time we are having actual Race Tactics, which to be fair we lacked last time but it was Restless’ first race so hope you can cut us some slack on that omission. We need to plot waypoints to try and do the best route. We have two options a rhumb line or a great circle line. Tim is working on this, he explained something about putting a rubber band round an orange. I can easily do that. Rubber bands round the fruit, easy, ...not sure how it makes us go faster though. Turns out that was nothing to do with fruit but something about gnomic projection v Mercator projection. Am going to try and post a picture. Suggestions on tactics are welcomed, albeit attaching limpet mines to faster hulls could be frowned upon. We were a bit rubbish in race 1 by the measure of time, but by the measure of stuff seen we technically won and by a margin. Our score of pilot whales x many, dolphins, flying fish, petrels and members of the albatross family is the talk of the steamie here. Seems like you can either be running around grinding winches and going fast, or being alert to (aka lolling around in) what is around you and seeing stuff. Got caught out for the 2nd time by time zones today. One hour early for collecting laundry, luckily Tim realised and came and got me. Just off for our tour in 30 mins. Prize giving last night was a real laugh. Some of the runners up (perhaps thinking they had won) had prepared routines and victory songs that they did anyway.....that Italians for you. Then tribal dancing by three energetic young men in feathery outfits, eat you heart out Rhu Paul (wrong spelling I suspect). This was great, but some underwear problems were experienced (by them). One poor guys feathery skirt sort of slipped down getting caught on what must have been cut off jeans he had on below it. He spent ages tribally dancing whilst trying to pull his skirt back up. He got our loudest cheer. Fashion faux pas, yes, we have all been there.