Restless Goes Sailing

One Sleep To Go- and Cape Verde is amazing.

Thanks for the start video Caroline. We saw lots of pals, including Jo and Joe on Chula, and there was something about Night and Day who are closest to us in size, they are smaller overall but longer on the waterline. Some pretty boats particularly that Swan. Escapade of London are also two handed, and really nice people too. We had an amazing tour of the island up Mont Verde which is 750m high. The road is crazy. Single track and snaking, but rather than tarmac it is 19th century and hand laid bits of volcanic rock. Quite a bone shaker on the way down. They have not had rain since 2016, the corn is parched. We saw lots of goats and 2 cows. Being in farming must be hard core here. The guide confirmed they are a service economy with only 5% of GDP from agriculture or fishing. Views were outstanding from the top, and we breakfasted at the top at 10.30 on shots of some kind of honey hooch. Very nice too. Then on to some amazing sand dunes with Saharan sand, so fine it was like nothing I had seen before. A quick paddle in the surf before our tour guide brought out the hooch again, but of a partly island as it seems to be quite a thing here to have shots. There is so much more to this island than we have been able to see, I would definitely come back to explore further. Busy busy today. Weather looks to be light over the next few days, so changed up to the big sails [yikes], to try and be a bit faster, but over 3/4 weeks we will no doubt change sails a lot. Filled up the water, now off for the fresh provisions. Skippers briefing at 4 p.m. and we'll get the final information we need. Excited and nervous. 2,100 miles is a long way, lets hope it all goes broadly okay. Will keep you posted. Good you can see us on the tracker, as if we had any problems with devices etc. we might go silent, but you'll know we are trucking on.