Restless Goes Sailing

Atlantic crossing day 8 - Fri 26/1

A further update on our adventure. Yesterday we completed chunk 2 of 7 of our journey. Pleased to report we were 317 miles closer to our destination. Meeting our own 300 mile target. I didn’t explain that this is not necessarily the distance sailed which will be more as we zig zag, but we are using the straight line gps bearing to work out how much closer we are. If we achieve the 300 miles at each waypoint we will be happy. Since the last update we got ARC weather confirming very light winds. Most of the boats have gone south where there are apparently stronger winds. Later on Tuesday the wind almost died and we sailed very slowly. Night and Day motored a few miles from us and contacted us in the radio saying they were going south to find better wind. To dip down to 12 degrees from 14 where we were is 120 miles for us so motoring would take about 2 days. We decideD to stick to our plan of going gradually south west. From Wed a.m, We had to motor for 21 solid hours which is a big hit to our fuel which we are monitoring. Happily the wind filled in and we have been sailing fast since yesterday at 10 a.m. the forecast is to be like this for at least a day (if it is correct). On the domestic front ...drama. My hair is like a woolly hat, texture like old wool. I allowed myself a cockpit shower and hair wash, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Three small mugs of water to wash as it is rationed, and the same to rinse. Total bliss. Tim is washing with salt water, but he has always had a cavalier attitude to skin care. Annoyingly his skin doesn’t show this neglect and he must have saved thousands on moisturiser. Sad news, two flying fish have met their maker in the side decks. We didn’t hear them land or would have saved them. I saw a massive whale breaching. It was over a mile away but spectacular enough to make me scream. Week 1 provisions worked out well, so today we go back into our stores to free week 2 nosh into our “use this week”locker. Could pigs cheeks make it onto the Sunday lunch menu. Dinner last night was chick pea, chorizo, garlic, and onion stew with sweet potato. Delicious and enough for same tonight. New birds all around, and two real exotics yesterday. A bit Like mini gannets, but much smaller and slighter. The amazing thing was the tails. Long and whip thin. We need to find out what they were. Also Petrels with a white rump, again a special type. Now onto chunk 3 of the journey, one week down. All going well. Lovely and sunny today. Fingers crossed for another favourable forecast. Don’t be too concerned if we are the only boat still North. If we see a big patch of no wind ahead we will need to sail south to ensure wind. We need to balance having enough wind to sail against using fuel wisely. Will keep you posted as we can. Going well for now.