Restless Goes Sailing

Atlantic crossing Day 10 - 28 Nov

Today we completed chunk 3 of 7 chunks gof the journey. It has been windy. Total for this leg was 364 nautical miles closer to our destination. We are happy with that. 113, 120 and 131 miles closer each day, but as I explained we don’t measure the miles sailed, just the distance at the end of each day. It has been a challenging few days. Strong winds gusting to F8, and big confused seas. Lots of squalls which we can track on radar. The surprising thing (to me) is the noise of the ocean. I notice it particularly at night when you hear the waves rushing down on you then fizzing and popping round the boat. I spend some time with my fingers in my ears and it is quite tranquil in comparison. We have the furling Genoa partially furled in combination with the hanked on smaller Genoa. Working well. Unfortunately as the weather is two forces above what was forecast we still have the 140% furling sail on. It is now too windy to drop that and hoist the 110% without fear of damaging one or both, but we will swap them when we can. One of the vane lines frayed a bit with wear. Tim fixed it by joining a new rope using a double sheet bend rather than a blood knot. He loves knots so had a happy half hour. Our forecast for the next two days is more of the same so good for progress. At 13.35.92N and 041.56.76W we are about 80 miles from halfway which is exciting. Tim started fishing yesterday. His lure is a massive technicolour squid affair. Hopefully some bold dish that fancies a lurid snack will take it. Guaranteed if he catches a fish he will be in melt down killing it. The cockpit is a blood bath after 2 mackerel, so who knows how he will cope with a monster catch. Could be fish for Sunday lunch (getting some tins on standby just in case). All good. Will try to update after chunk 4.