Restless Goes Sailing

Atlantic crossing day 13; 1st Dec. Update from Tim

Excellent progress over the 3 days since Ann’s last update! Completing chunk 4 today results in us being 390 miles closer to Grenada, which is now ‘only’ 769 miles away. We passed the halfway point on Monday morning, and celebrated the event with cava that Ann had squirrelled away. We’re sailing along in sunny force 6 easterlies, hiding from the strong sun under a shade Ann has constructed (dubbed the Sorting Hat for Harry Potter fans).

As ever progress has not been incident-free! I was woken on Monday morning by Ann’s screams. You will know that flying fish seem to come a cropper by landing on our deck - well one had chosen to land on Ann!

Later on Monday we noticed that the voltage was low on the ship’s batteries. This needs looking into when we get to talk to a proper electrician in Grenada, since they should be topped up by a solar panel and wind generator. The interim solution is to run the engine in neutral for about half an hour. Starting the engine resulted in a shredded v-belt (fan-belt if you’re of my vintage). Although we changed it, we’re still worried about both charging and belt-shredding!

The water around us is streaked with patches of weed. Bit surprising given how far we are from land - closest is Brazil! Restless seems just slip through it all, though, so not a problem.

Addendum from Ann. No fish caught yet and not fishing just now as the waves are much higher than the stern so I am worried the line could tangle on the stern. . The rough weather has caused Tim to reclassify shaving as “dangerous” so he sports a full captain Birdseye. Exciting news. I have an advent calendar, chocolate filled. Oh happy day. Wishing there was a champers equivalent. C Will keep you posted.