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Port: Ostend (summer) - River Orwell (winter)
14 February 2006 | St Albans
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... in with the new

14 February 2006 | St Albans
We have moved on, but the adventure continues!

Introducing GUAPA: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/guapa/

Out with the old...

05 February 2006
It's been quiet on the Blog front for some time now. Not that there was a lack of activity, on the contrary.

Yanita's been up for sale for 6 months now. Advertised a bit, but still sailed and enjoyed her. No broker - I don't see anything that justifies their fee.
It was time to move on, but I was in no hurry about it. Guess part of me was not ready to let go. After all, these past few years there had not been a day I hadn't thought about her, worried about her, worked on her or simply sailed her (those were the best days).

Then out of the blue, phone call from Dublin: someone interested in viewing her the next day. We had some tire kickers in the past, but this one was flying in from Ireland - serious punter?
Next day we meet - he pokes around for about an hour. Starts haggling, and 15 minutes later I hear someone in my voice saying: "OK- sold!" Deposit was paid, survey to follow. Very unreal feeling.

Two weeks later, the surveyor comes along. Long and short of it: "The boat's a credit to you - the man would be a fool not to buy her. Why are you selling anyway?" "You know: I don't remember."

Some further e-mails are exchanged, and then last Friday a bankers draft for the outstanding balance arrives. And then it hits me: she's gone.
The children are apprehensive - what are we going to do now over the week-ends? I don't know. Lump in my throat. Drove over on Saturday (on my own) for a final goodbye. Someone's died.

We had planned to move on to another boat fairly swiftly, but the boat we had had an eye on for some time turned out to be a bit of a dog (with fleas). The term "money pit" comes to mind. 560 for the survey - but money well spent. I was about to pour my life's savings down a floating black hole.

But, onwards and upwards. Already have a "Plan B" in mind. Don't think I could get used to being boat-less for too long.

Up and down

21 January 2006
It's getting very hard to motivate my women to come sailing in winter. It may be nice, but way too cold. "Put another layer on, dear".

Forecast said: wind, cold, but no rain. What more do you want. A WNW 4/5 - just what the doctor ordered. We set off up the Orwell, tacking most of the way, but what a cracking sail! Even N1 wife reluctantly admitted that it was kind of fun. We started to heel quite a bit, and Yanni got scared. At Pin Mill we headed down river and down wind. Peace and order were restored. Even the winter sun decided to say hello.

We had done the Orwell, but still had at least another 90 mins of daylight ahead of us. Why not explore the Stour? Wind remained "healthy", at times we clocked over 8.5kts. There's plenty of life left in this old girl. Time to head back came to soon.

It will be some time before we're out sailing again. The marina's lock is due it's annual service. Time to make a list of the odd jobs that need doing.
Very short list: fit new Whale footpump and reading light in the aft cabin.
At least I now have an excuse to come back to the boat soon.

First sail of 2006

02 January 2006
Last day of the X-Mas holidays - back to work tomorrow. Still, it could be worse: Brigitte's at work already.

I decided to take Yanita out one more time. God knows when we would be able to take her out again.
Not much wind was forecast, but at least it would not rain. Fellow YBW forumite "sailorman" would be afloat too. Celebrating his birthday. If we met up, I'd get him a beer.

We arrived in Shotley just after 11h00. Not a lot of traffic on the road. Most people still hung over.
Hardly any wind, but the tide would be with us. We were there anyway, so cast off. Minor scare at the lock - we approached sideways. We mess up one approach every year, if this was the one... no harm done.

As we approached Pin Mill at a leisurely 4kts we spotted a few boats coming the other way. Jolie Brise was the lead one. Would he have forgotten about the beer?
No such luck. Exchanged hallos and "sailorman" promptly decided to drop the first beer I chucked him over the side. An offering to Neptune he called it. Some people don't age well.
Another RAS approach - 3 beers in a bin-liner at the end of a boat-hook. Success. Your very good health, Roger.

As the wind had now dropped to less than 2 knots we decided to call it a day. Furled the genoa, dropped the main, engine on. Headed for our berth. We navigated the lock without any problems and as I brought us alongside Evita tied us up singlehanded.

Here's to another year.

Merry X-Mas

25 December 2005
Over the next couple of weeks I make a couple of trips to Ipswich to check on the boat. There are always the odd little jobs to to. Replace a bit of her plumbing, fit new locks to the cockpit lockers, hoist or "winter" genoa and wash the summer genoa, empty the dehumidifier, run the heating, etc... I know it's a long drive, but being on the boat keeps me sane.

The overtime added up this year, so I'm able to spend over two weeks at home over X-Mas with the children. Alas Brigitte has no more time off this year.
We - dad & kids - have already been out sailing 3 times in one week. Utter bliss! OK, it's cold, but also beautiful and most of the time we were the only boat on the water. You couldn't get further away from stress if you tried. Sailing's a drug: it takes you to another world and it costs loads of money :-)

This year we were not going to visit family for X-Mas. This is our 7th X-Mas in England, and each and every year we have had to travel abroad to visit them. We decided to put our foot down - it costs as much and takes as long for them to visit us, as it does for us to visit them!

So, for a very untraditional X-Mas: we went sailing! Best sail in a long time - everyone enjoyed it a lot. Even the other boats on the water seemed grateful to be spared from their relatives. If it were up to me alone: same again next year!

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year from all of us.

Winter sailing

30 November 2005
As Yanita had spent close to ten months on the dry last year (refit) I wanted to keep her afloat this winter. She would only be a short (2 hour) drive away and if the weather allowed I would take her out every possible opportunity. After all - the Orwell / Stour area is one of the most beautiful sailing grounds I know.

As always, things don't go exactly to plan. Pressure of work and the weather gods all seem to conspire against us. It's late November before we can get our first bit of sailing in. Family / crew are not so keen - but I invoke the "for better or for worse" clause! I agreed not to sail when it rains; but if you think it's too cold - put another jumper on! Five layers are sexy!

Nothing exciting - a leisurely stroll up the Orwell as far as Pin Mill and back. Just what the doctor ordered - I almost feel human again. And I think the family ended up enjoying our little trip as well.

We have a namesake

31 October 2005
When we bought our boat renaming her was top of our list of things to do. She went by the horrible (and unpronounceable) name of HIJS.

Finding a suitable name for our pride and joy seemed a job tailor-made for the children. After two weeks of much deliberation we decide to discard their suggestions of Pokemon or Dragonball.
As they felt that their efforts were not being appreciated Mum decided to name the boat after them. YANni & EvITA - first 3 letters of his name, last 3 letters of her name: YANITA was born.

I checked the ITU website - no other boat by that name! Proud moment - a beautiful, unique name that meant something to us! Couple of months later, I checked the ITU site again - there was another Yanita! How dare they!

When we wanted to lock into Shotley for the first time it caused some confusion. How could they lock us in again, if they had only locked Yanita in two hours before? The "other" Yanita also lives in Shotley - what's more - she's on our pontoon.

We have never met the owner of the other Yanita - but if you do happen to drop by - I would like to know where you got the name from.

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Hailing Port: Ostend (summer) - River Orwell (winter)
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S/Y Yanita (Etap 38i)

Port: Ostend (summer) - River Orwell (winter)