Sailing with YELO

28 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
27 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
21 January 2023 | Half Moon Bay
21 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
20 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
19 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
18 January 2023 | Crescent City
17 December 2022 | Crescent city
15 December 2022 | Sailing in the US West Coast
14 December 2022 | Sailing in the US West Coast
13 December 2022 | Sailing in the US West Coast
25 October 2022 | Sailing in the US West Coast
15 October 2022 | Lois Island
14 October 2022 | Lois Island
13 October 2022 | Lois Island
07 October 2022 | Asoria marina
06 October 2022 | Astoria Oregon
13 September 2022 | La Push, Washington
10 September 2022 | Sailing in the US West Coast

towards San Luis Obispo

28 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
a slow start but now we are surfing down the big waves 6 to 9 kts and should be there by tomorrow evening. We see kelp and dodges it and many birds. No crabpots out here thank good. Just one one if everything goes well if we are to slow we could anchor at the hearst
castle thats a bid closer .Sunny and a cool breeze its 14C

Half Moon Bay and other mass murders

27 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
Rolfo | 12 to 16C
The days in Half Moon Bay

its a great anchorage with exellent holding, flat calm and tons of space. The tourists coming for the crabs in port is quiet a show. Mostly Chinese families were out to get a feast for their New Years dinner.
We managed to hop on a bus to see the Devils Slide , half and hour north from Pilar Point Marina. I read in the news that some mad man drove his Tesla over the cliff in an attempted suicide. He took his two
little kids and wive with him. Fortunately for them, the Tesla tumbled over the cliff and , what a miracle , landed on his wheels 100 meters down. They all survived with no major injuries. They had to rescue
them with helicopters and he is in jail now. I can understand that people want to take their lives. It beats me why you want to take your innocent kids and woman along with you. Read about the GERMAN
WINGS pilot that took an Airbus with 300 people down ...
It was quiet impressive to see the cliffs and the nice trail they made out of the old road. Many birds and bird watchers and people on bikes and jogging in peace and quiet. The best porta potty toilet i have
evre seen. Its so clean , its scary. At the end of the trail they even had a bike repair station with tools and pump on long metal wires for you to use.
A bird man showed us a huge pedigree falcon and his darling. We would have never noticed them if it wasn't for this nice man pointing them out for us. We talked about California and its nuts, the
massmurder in LA with 11 dancing couples dead and how the world is going mad.
Back in Half Moon Bay we hit the local Safeway for food . All this again with the bus for 2$ a day. You insert 2 bucks into the machine and the driver hands out your ticket. Unfortunately no ticket came out. He
told us to tell the next driver and give him his driver ID. On all other buses we told the same story and heard other passengers telling the same story. The drivers must have heard it a thousand times and they
just wave you in for free. We noticed that each and every driver is struggling with that machine. They should get a better system.
As we were heading back to port we saw many cop cars and ambulances heading to where we came from. It turned out to be ANOTHER mass murder. This time in Half Moon Bay , a sleepy peaceful village thta
didnt have a murder for 200 years.
It was an Asian man that shot 4 co-workers at a mushroom farm. Then he went to his former employer another veggie farm and shot 3 more workers. They arrested him and he claimed that he was mobbed by
the other workers and that he also had a bad day!!!
Needles to say that this shook up Half Moon Bay. Half mast flags and flowers everywhere.
Yesterday we took a bus to San Francisco and took trams and buses thru town. Seeing the main tourist attractions in one day is quiet a challenge if you come from far. We made it but took a the wrong slow
buses back and that alone took 5 hours. Our rear ends were sore but we loved the City . Too bad they didn't have any marinas in Town for cats that we could afford. We would have toured Castro a few more
days. The faces and bodies you see there, blow your mind.
We came back late. Tired , hungry but very happy we did see San Francisco, if only for a short day.
Next trip might bring us to San Luis Obispo , Point Conception or then to staright San Diego...400 miles to go and every day a little warmer.

Arrived in Half Moon Bay

21 January 2023 | Half Moon Bay
Rolf Fischer | Sunny 16 C 10C at night
At anchor in this peaceful harbor. The huge swell near the entrance is impressive with many surfers riding the winter waves. I wanted to mention the how chilly it was sailing past the Golden Gate Bridge..but when I saw the surfers in this 12C, I stopped moaning.
Pelicans and seals in this harbor along with one thousand birds.. Happy to be here another 290 miles closer to warm weather. 28hours we had to motor. The forecast with 15 to 20kts NE wasn't there, nly around Cape Mendecino.
We saw : whales and dolphins, 2 giant sunfish a baby seal, all alone 20 mils out.only one kelp tree got stuck on yelo...AND only the VHF antenna got loose again, nothing else broke. Oh yes I forgt: the tricolor navigation light stops sometimes...I am a very happy chappy

29 miles to Half Moon Bay

21 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
crab pots on the middle of the shipping lanes and the wind plus current pushes us south insted of south east. We should make it by tonight. Its sunny but we have the wind on the nose insted of a reach as forecasted. But its getting warmer in the salon even with this cold
breeze its better than Oregon or BC.
Dolphins and whales are with us and tons of seabirds

sailing towards southern California

20 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
the departure from Crescent City was a mixed bag. On the very positive side Marj ,the nice lady that gave us a tour waved from the dock as we left the harbor at 8 am . It was a cool 4 C. We were touched by her kindness and left towards the crabpots. Soon there were
floaters and fishing boats everywhere as we zigzaged, trying to find a fast way into deep water. A grumpy old man shouted at Daniela and called her an a ...hole. Daniela quickly returned the favor and a nasty shouting match started. Nevertheless we managed to get out
of this maze of floaters without touching any.. Blue skies and sunshine heated up yelos salon / greenhouse in no time and the 27kts from behind didn't seem to cold. We didn't even turn on the heater. Tea and soups were good enough. Now the winds are down and we
motor 160 miles to go

On te way to Half Moon Bay

19 January 2023 | Sailing the US West Coast
Big hassle getting thru the crab pots. You get yelled at by the fishermen and luckily we didnt touch any. Now in 75m of water its clear but no wind..we motor 280 iles to go ,...if we are lucky we should be there Saturday morning.It s sunny murky water but no kelp and not
much garbage floating Sea temp is 10C air is 14C
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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