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16 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
14 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
13 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
12 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
11 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
10 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
09 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
08 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
07 May 2022 | on the way to the equator
06 May 2022 | on the way to the equator
05 May 2022 | on the way to the equator
04 May 2022 | 17h offshore
27 August 2021 | Gambier
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10 May 2021 | Akamaru
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16 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
DAY 12
every day it gets a little cooler. I do my night watches in foul weather gear and fleece underneath, its 22 C and i am ok , just ok . Not boiling. I wear crooks and i already think how to fill those holes. We are
obviously not used to these Hawaiian summers.
I watched the lunar eclipse. It was very nice and not many clouds. This one was North America only , not Europe.
My energy is back , i get a good nights sleep . Its easy with the small waves, not like we had 5 days ago. The bruises turn yellow and the knees...well they 've been fucked for the last 40 years. They wont get
any better. To clean the wet spots above my ceiling panels in my bedroom, i have to get on my knees. That's still to much pain , so Daniela does it for me.
I managed to talk to the Polymag net last night, but my output seems weak and they can hardly hear me. But its nice to know your friends are there to take your position and weather details for your safety
and comfort. Thank you all.
Our short wave radio is old and flimsy but we get Sailmail weather and mail very well thanks to stations in Hawaii and near Vancouver
I flattened a slow moving cockroach in the bathroom in broad daylight. There is nothing to eat there. Maybe it was running away from the hungry gecko-family
i made my new bolognese with corned beef ha ha ha not bad. We still have plenty of good food. The last mangoes went. We have pink grapefruits till Canada.
by this evening we should have 2000 miles done, that's half way yuppee. Now we try to sail straight North . With us preferring to sail reaching not beating this is not possible yet , we sail North West....maybe
tomorrow. Eventually we sail over the top of the North Pacific High and then straight to Victoria.

Day 11 175 miles aout 2200 to go , its getting cool lunar eclips tonight if the clouds arent here

15 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
still tired from this ordeal 2 days ago. My knees have new skin crowing also my elbows , but i cant get onto my knees to look after my bed leak. Its water on my mattress now. I stay on the other side. Grey skies. Not much else We eat sleep and shit and read books, also
synchronize the rudders twice daily . Sometimes we reef out and then the wind comes, so we reef down again. I don't do this anymore , Daniela is more energetic and she is holding the ship together as i lick my wounds and moan about lost energy lost youth
Almost half way its 22C at night and 10C in Victoria...why are we going there?


14 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
Daniela saw the rubber plug from the profurl roller furler laying on the trampoline. WTF...we saved it quickly and saw that the 10 cm shaft that is holding the forestay and the furler together has almost
completely slid out. Its only holding by the last 5mm . If it goes out we will not getting back in with such heavy seas, maybe loose the mast.
We reefed the masinsail and unfurled the bigger genaker to make this forestay loose. After 3 hours of banging and cursing, soaking wet, we got it back in.
I was exhausted because this shaft was inside crooked and could only fit back in straight. No problem in a marina , but here it was a major job.
Its a stupid system , so we wanted to RTFM read the effing manual. We haven't looked at that part of Yelo yet: the library. It was totally soaked from yet another leak we have.
The manual was ok and it said : for extended cruising you should use stainless steel plugs. Well thank you Carib Marine in Martinique, nobody told us this. Looking at it , it makes sense that these massive
forces cannot be held in place with plastic.
The night had 22-27 knots and now in the morning its calming down to 18-22. tired Rolfo


13 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
the night was fast .The waves from the North East come right from the side and yelo has a clean road between them . But this morning we have a nasty cross sea with the same wind but the boat bashes into those crazy waves and its slows her plus its very uncomfortable.
Hell knows why the sea state changes so quickly. It can only be a strange current mixing it up. Another squid for lunch .We definitely did a third of the way 1436 miles. Still quiet a distance to go and its getting cooler at night 25 C!! That's cold for us..


12 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
Its rather rough sailing. the waves are 4-meters ,wind East 26 to 31 knots and last night its "only" 22-24 knots. Our friendly weather forecasters get the wrong info , just like we do with the gribfiles .Its at least 5 knots more , or like yesterday 10 knots more. but we move
ahead. The tricolor light has fixed itself and all the little buckets take care of the leaks. I even fixed one leak for good. We might have done a third , but its hard to say , since we dont know our exact path for Victoria.All depends on the North Pacific High. And that High is
moving us fast. First blue sky since 2 days and the first squid on deck Forecast has less wind for the next 3days ...yeah right


11 May 2022 | on the way to Hawaii
So far we have been lucky in this very instable weather zone. We were able to sail across the equator and up 07N , but now all we have is a mighty swell and no wind. We tightened the main and rolled in the
gib and let the Volvo do its job. Kalim the boat ahead of us had to motor for 10 hours...i say my prayers.
The sky is grey, it drizzles. The first rain we had this afternoon made me go out and make sure everything gets wet and the salt washes away. Unfortunately my foul weather gear is leaking and after only 5
minutes in the rain , i was soaking wet inside. OOOps we have a long way to go into rainy British Colombia. Just before we left i pestered Daniela to find foul weather gear for her. She was lucky, Rita a Swiss
friend gave her one she didn't need anymore. Her husband Dani wanted to give me some gear as well....but i said no...stupid me. Next time i see rain, i will take OFF MY CLOTHS, its warm enough at 27 C at
night. So i will always have a dry jacket. And when it really rains and its cold....i ask Daniela to deal with it. I cant fit into Rita's jacket..shit.
The new Kiwi prop we (it was actually Leo) installed is giving Yelo some vibrations at low rpms. So we cant do economy motoring here and must run it at 2300 rpm. Its working , we move ahead at 5.5 knots.
With Yelo hitting 22 years i wonder how long the Volvos will run. For years we only used them to enter a harbor, the rest we sailed. We might need them for a few days, if the North Pacific High gets to big
and there is no wind.
good news is : we sailed 1050 miles since we left 6.5 days ago that makes an average of 161 miles/day. If we can sail a 2950 mile course...its 18 more days. Lets not get to theoretical....we take the wind we get
and hope to get there safe.
I was happy to hear Sue's voice on the Polymag net. This is a short wave radio net for sailors. I am surprised how many sailors we meet around the world , and they still talk to me :-) and send their love to
Daniela. Its going to be weird to leave this community and be more on land in Canada. I'll be like a sea turtle on the beach: rather clumsy . We have been so long on a boat , i don't know the land people
anymore and how they live.
Our navigation tricolor light just died. Cant go up on the mast now . The mooring light will have to do. Nobody here, not even Chinese tuna boats.
The 12V charger for my Toughbook laptop smells like burned electricity. Got to get a new one FROM CHINA.
We still have mangoes, but slowly the fresh stuff goes. Today we were able to empty the 2nd fridge. Now its only one that needs all this power.
After a few hours of running, we saw that the engine that has the new propeller vibrates too much. Some kind off problem with the shaft or the ruder bearing. We can only motor with the Port engine for a
long boats boats
We have been motoring now for most of the night. Big seas that flap the sails to death and not enough wind to keep them in place. Its grey and drizzles. But no thunder or strong gusts. Kalim seems out of the
doldrums and found the NE winds. I am sure we get them soon. And the forecast looks good ; The NE is not so strong and even weakening. Lets hope its true
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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