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Is Rolf infected by the virus scare?

17 March 2020 | In Taravai
It's difficult to assess my mental state: I do worry since I am older. I cough like crazy with a flue and I have high blood pressure. Some of my friends think it's a joke, a
conspiracy or just a simple flu. If you can read, you read what you like to hear. Or like 2 people I know, you won't turn on the radio at all; you stay away from the bad
news. Some think I am paranoid, others just ignore everything. Nothing like this has ever happened to any of us. And now countries are getting it, that are densely
populated, with poor medical facilities and not much discipline from the population. I have no idea how Africa and India look in 2-3 weeks from now, but I fear the
I am sure the pharmaceutical companies are working like mad to be the first to have a magic pill. They say, some medication that worked on Ebola and Sars might be
effective, or something to heal the pancreas??? But nothing positive yet.
Still the only thing that works is to sit at home alone, or with your family. Go for walks in the woods and stay at least 2 meters away from other humans. How you are
going to do this with your kids, beats me. The first few days are fun without school and soon they are going to drive you up the walls at home, locked up all day. It's
probably hard on the 2020 parents where kids are allowed to do and say so much more than we ever did.
I am listening to the Chinese Radio. They do stuff to their kids that we think is harsh. They push them to better grades and give you with extra help from private
tutors etc etc
The Polynesian Chinese tell me how they were pushed by their parents and how they push their own kids. And how you must respect your parents and teachers. To
them it's clear why Polynesians don't do as well financially as their Chinese countrymen. It's the lack of obedience and the lack of pushing your kids beyond their
limits. I haven't heard of a Polynesian family pushing and beating their kids thru education. In a way, many western countries have become permissive as well. Kids
are touched with velvet gloves and any demand on them is first evaluated if it doesn't �"traumatize the child�".
Few of these kids are made to really fight for themselves, their family or their country.
It's scary to see the Chinese doing so much better with this virus scare than most western countries.
Mainland China has obviously goofed it up, by first hiding this virus from the world. But once they came into action, it worked. European countries only reacted when
it was way too late. They had all the time in advance to prepare for it and did very little. Taiwan did the right thing, by testing and isolating the victims and with a
discipline, you do not see elsewhere. Everybody wears masks among many things and not just since yesterday, the started early. As a result, they only have a few
I sailed into that country a few years ago and was surprised how they treated us. There was no virus scare then. But they asked us to dock at the Coastguard station
and two men in Orange overalls and facemasks came aboard and made a quick inspection. Then they escorted us to a free marina berth and asked if we needed food
or water. They gave me a water hose and I started to wash down the deck. When I tried to jump onto the marina dock, they kindly reminded me to stay aboard until
health, immigration and customs cleared me in. The two men stood there for two hours guarding us, until the officials came.
During our two visits to Kenting, Taiwan we learned to appreciate their independent spirit of making it on their own. Practically all countries in the world had
recognized Taiwan as a sovereign state and had an Embassy in Taipeh. They loved to trade with the �"free China�" or Formosa as it was called. We were proud to be
friends with them. When the Communist Mainland China became more and more important as a trading partner, Taiwan was dropped like a hot potato. China said:�"
Either you close your embassy in Taipeh and open one in Pejing, or you won't do any business with us. You can't have both�".
I hold a Swiss and Canadian passport and both countries bowed to the pressure from China and stopped recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state. They where even
thrown out of the United Nations and they can't join any international organizations otherwise China makes a big stink.
When I talked to the Taiwanese about this, I felt deeply ashamed how my countries screwed them. But they don't take it personally, they know its business as usual.
Not with an embassy, but a trade office or some kind of boloney-name. They do the same work like an embassy, it's just not official. We suck. Nobody had the balls
to stand up to the Chinese.
And now they have that virus under control, like nobody else. Why don't we invite them to teach us how to do it? No, we can't .They are a tiny renegade island and
should be taken over and annexed by China like Hong Kong and Macau. �... Tell that to any Taiwanese and you will see a furious response. They give you a lesson of
independence and pride in their country.
I got side tracked, sorry. The virus is still spreading fast, worldwide. We are supposed to be locked down in France. But when the supply ship comes the 24th it might
get hectic. Nobody has the virus yet in Gambier. But who knows. I am thinking about not going to the ship, but my radio is coming, and I ordered some diesel. I can't
carry anything anyhow because of my sciatic nerve. It's not right to ask Daniela to go and stand in line with the coughing people. I hope I get better soon, so I can
carry my 5 kilo Radio.
I have no idea how this all happened, but another sailor managed to put in a few more kilos of flour into my box!! ?? Now I definitely can't carry the fuggn box out of
the container.
We are not going anywhere soon. Staying probably between Rikiteas rocky anchorage and the quiet spot in Taravai.
Rikitea has TV and FM radio, but the mobile phone internet is so lousy and overloaded, that you might get one or two messages on whatsapp if you're lucky. Most of
the time, nothing at all. Web on land at Phillips or Jojos is probably not allowed or not safe. Rikitea has stores, but they are empty now. The rest is locked down and
nobody wants to buy pearls. So, we do boat jobs and read. At night I listen to BBC Worlds Service if I can receive it .Or else Radio New Zealand and China and 1 hour
of fabulous news and music from Vienna, Austria�....that's it.
I can't see my stocks tumbling down, but it must be horrible. We have good food for 2 months and 2 TB of movies and my leg is starting to move again. The pain is
Switzerland has closed their whore houses and there are giant line ups in front of Amsterdams coffe shops. And in Australia they have fist fights for toilet paper. Its
mad. We are locked down now in France , you need to print a form and fill out a reason why you are walking around.
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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