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19 June 2020 | Gambier
04 June 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
25 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
24 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
21 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
21 May 2020 | Taravai, Gambier Islands
18 May 2020 | Taravai, Gambier
11 May 2020 | Gambier
05 May 2020 | Gambier
29 April 2020 | Tepapuri
27 April 2020 | Gambier
26 April 2020 | Gambier
09 April 2020 | Rikitea
01 April 2020 | Rikitea
26 March 2020 | Rikitea
24 March 2020 | Rikitea
18 March 2020 | In Taravai
17 March 2020 | In Taravai
12 March 2020 | In Taravai

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26 March 2020 | Rikitea
the supply ship Nuku Hau came and went back to Tahiti. That was the excitement of the day. The Major wanted to tear down a historic building at the dock in order to make more space for those giant SUV and pick
up trucks. There is not enough space in port they all say. Now that the police finally do something and get out of their aircon office , things changed . In the past the islanders drove all their giant cars into the port area
blocking each other. Everybody trying to get their merchandise at the same time. Some people stood in line, but many just blocked each other .It was always a pleasant mess to watch. With the virus this is no longer
possible. The police is letting one at the time into the the docking area They get their stuff and get out. Corona did something positiv, they get organized. No diesel for yachts , so the new arrival can stay here until they
get some fuel with the next ship in 3 weeks or so. All others must sail to Nuku Hiva or Tahiti
I watch the bad news on tv and fix things on the boat. With the evening news we get to see our boat in front of the dock. They havent got much to talk about,so they show how they unload stuff in Gambier and how
well the police does it all. We kept busy digging out the diesel jerry cans for other boats and then put them back in, all for nothing today ,no diesel .That keeps us busy for 2 hours and we get some exercise.
Daniela went shoping and was able to score garlic and only one bag of sugar. Its rationed now,only ONE bag per person. With soft drinks around 5US$ per liter, the people make their own limonade and add a ton of
sugar. Maybe they will start rationing the toilet paper as well. I tiny single roll with 20 sheets is 2$ now.
live is still better than anywhere. Lets hope we learn something from this madness. Prince Charles is now positiv and i havent heard any thing about Tom Hanks. I am good , still limping
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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