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am I in panikmode?

01 April 2020 | Rikitea
I find this virus story and how different countries deal with it very interesting. Epidemiology is something i never really read much about it But i find it very interesting how this all develops and how you can predict it and
influence the way it spreads.
Unfortunately it has the effect that my readers think I am in panic mode, plagued by fear and close to the edge or even beyond.
I sleep well, except last night when the winds shifted and we touched the reef with our rudder. I must say I do get a little bid into panic mode then. But pulling up some chain and checking position and depth thru the
night helped. The �"pool�" we chose to anchor is a little small and if you drop the anchor exactly in the middle you will touch with the 40 meters of chain you have to use. So we drop it slightly off center, so it works for the
winds we have here 90% of the time. Last night we got the 10% �...crunch�...cchhhkkkk and we pushed a few corrals south. But the rudder is strong, no harm done.
Its those nights you wish to be on land, in a house. We had no moon and it would have been tricky to get out if the shorter chain would have let go.
So we are all good now, We go ashore today, for food, garbage wifi and exercise. And pick up the latest gossip. I still haven figured out why the Gambier post office does not change Euros and only US dollars. But
you never get a receipt even if you beg.
In Tahiti they start robbing banks and shops for Cash and in France the nurses remove their �"nurse sticker�" on their car, because people attack them at knife point to force them to give them face masks...holy shit.
We fixed the chafe marks on our mainsail, repaired Danielas Powerpack for her Iphone. Without it her iphone just dies. I also tried to fix my little short wave radio that I have in my bed. But its dead. No more China,
BBC,radio New Zealand and BBC �...effing electronics just dies and there is nothing you can do.
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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Created 10 January 2019