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Chaos in Paradise

09 April 2020 | Rikitea
Some of the locals in Tahiti have trouble understanding what's going on with this virus. Stay at home is just about the only thing you should do now. But it only takes
a few dim lights that drive from one part of town to the other and they spread it. The cases are now mounting in Tahiti. I don't know if 54 is a lot compared to France,
but it keeps on going up, 3 to 5 more every day. When they interview the locals and that area, many seem not to believe it could happen to them. With so many
super obese and diabetic here, they should be more careful.
Now yachts are arriving here from Mexico and Galapagos. They all claim that their boat is totally broken, so the officials can't send them away to Tahiti. That's the
doctrine now: make them all sail to Tahiti where there is a virus outbreak and no more space to anchor. It's difficult to understand how they run their country. You
should not send yachts or anybody from one island to the other. We should all stay put in one place until some genius comes out with a magic pill. It's stupid to send
yachts away. If you are scared about the virus, you should try to sleep or live on a yacht. They have all been at sea for 3-4 weeks and if they are not dead then they are
very very safe. It's the best quarantine.
Some islands like Fakarawa turn away yachts when they try to go ashore to get food.
In Gambier the gendarmes go out to the boats to look at the broken things the yachts claim to have. Since those dim lights haven't got a clue about boats, they take
pictures of the broken parts and send them to headquarters in Tahiti. There somebody should decide if that claim is valid or not. But now the boat of the
Gendarmerie is broken. They ask the arriving yachts to come near the dock but not on to the dock and give them boat papers and passports. One of them speaks 3
words of English and they always have one that can read and write. Sometimes they come in groups of FIVE to see the yachts. Hell knows why FIVE. The reading and
writing joke is from the locals not from me.
Yesterday I saw the only big motor yacht here docking their gin palace. They were busy filling in about 50 200 liter drums of diesel into that huge ship. I looked at this
with disgust. Just 2 weeks ago none of the yachts got a drop of diesel from the supply ship. Many yachts arrive from Panama or further and need it .This big stink pot
needs it to run his AC system on board. Since he has all windows closed its obvious that he has generators running to keep the air circulating and cool. Us poor souls
have to open a hatch. It's not super hot only 25C, but those giant yachts have no windows to open.
I felt like asking the owner, if he doesn't feel bad polluting the air and heating up our planet with so much fuel wasted every day. But Daniela said �"shut the fff up
Rolf �". So I keep quiet. Lately or maybe not just lately,�....I have a tendency to tell people what to do. Not everybody is appreciating my advice hi hi hi. I must say the
crew of this super big stinking motor yacht is very friendly. They are always friendly because they are always Filipinos and smile and wave when I pass them with my
dinghy. The owner is French I think, and he doesn't wave or smile. He just drives by with his monster dinghy pushing a huge wave that makes our tiny yacht rock and
roll until the cups fall out the cupboards.
With most of the yachts that average 50 to 500 000$ in value, he is all alone with his Millions. Those big yachts don't mingle with us .We are too small, too poor to be
bothered. They like to invite other Mega yachts and talk about their problems with crew or that they are running low on Prosecco. But now he is all alone. Only one
Mega yacht�...that's tuff. Funny that we all share the same fate: we are stuck and can't move, if we have millions or just a few cents, we can't move.
I am glad that I am not in Switzerland. They have the second highest per capita infection and death rate. But all my friends say they are happy with their government
and how they manage this crisis.
Slowly it comes out in the French media. What they always denied is now a fact: WE MUST WEAR FACE MASKS.... BUT WE HAVENT GOT ANY. The Canadians and the
Swiss and many more lied to their people about masks, just because they fucked it up and didn't order any when there was still time.
Now the Western idiot leaders notice that tracking would really do the trick. The Koreans and Taiwanese track, and its working. They can track you back 2 weeks
before you got the virus and contact everybody you have come to close and tell them to stay home and don't fuggn work in an old age home or hospital, like they do
in Europe and infect all the old folks. After blabbing for precious weeks about data problems with tracking and democracy and all that jazz, they now follow our
scientists and say �"tracking works�" dduuuu.
testing. But most countries slept thru this one as well. Germany can do 500 000 a day and their numbers proof it. France is still at 20 000 a day. They said they ordered
more tests�... they ordered in China, those nit wits. Now we are all fucked without China. After the Americans high jacked an Airbus full of masks in Shanghai, they
also do a new thing now. They make cargo disappear. On French TV they report that a lot of medical equipment was send like normal air cargo from China via USA to
France. They can track the AWB number until Philadelphia and then it stops. When they contact the local freight company � answer. They just confiscate it in
Trumps country!!
Daniela managed to find some excellent young pumpkins while doing her �"1 kilometer walk�".
The stores are full. There is no more flour, sugar and propane. But that's normal before the next supply ship comes in. We could build the Gizeh pyramids with toilet
paper. Live is good, I still limp. My knee still doesn't work right. I thought about going to see the nice doctor here. Nobody is seeing doctors now worldwide.
Everybody is shitting in their pants about getting the virus there. Switzerland is thinking about supporting the poor doctors that lost 70% of their clients�...
The same here until now. But things have changed in Gambier . Slowly the people here believe we are safe and now the doctors waiting room is full again like
always. Everybody with the tiniest boo boo is coming. Usually on Monday they all come and get their dose of Dolipram for the hangover� joke. With no more
booze sold, the hangovers are gone but still have this and that. SO i wont go, i just do my daily walk and bitch about the world leaders.
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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