Sailing with YELO

19 June 2020 | Gambier
04 June 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
25 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
24 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
21 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
21 May 2020 | Taravai, Gambier Islands
18 May 2020 | Taravai, Gambier
11 May 2020 | Gambier
05 May 2020 | Gambier
29 April 2020 | Tepapuri
27 April 2020 | Gambier
26 April 2020 | Gambier
09 April 2020 | Rikitea
01 April 2020 | Rikitea
26 March 2020 | Rikitea
24 March 2020 | Rikitea
18 March 2020 | In Taravai
17 March 2020 | In Taravai
12 March 2020 | In Taravai

Hiding from the cold Maramu

21 May 2020 | Mangareva, Gambier Islands
10 am all boats left the anchorage in Taravai. The forecast has more South East wind coming and that means cold arctic air is filling in and you have to hide. Most of the time you waltz around Gambier as the wind often turns 360 in a few days. There is no all weather all
wind anchorage here. You can stay in Rikitea, its save but its a lee shore and you get soaking wet in the dinghy.
So we decided to try a new place for us on the South West corner of Mangreva. It seems ok , flat with bullet winds and big ground swell .Buts its manageable. Unfortunately if you go further along this protected coast its full of pearl farms and no way not to get tangled in
those lines..
Funny enough only one boat left Gambier with the confinement lifted completely. Nobody wants to ride a strong Maramu down to the Tuamotus and into the warmer weather. Its about 460 miles to Hao about 1000km. If you travel south that far in Europe you get warm fast.
We look forward to Hao, but rumor has it that they locked the yachties onto their boats during confinement. Food was delivered to them from the Police. If this is true , its another reason to stay away. I don't want to be in an island that treats us white people different than
the locals. They can do their own shopping, but we might be contagious and have to stay on board for 4 weeks . That's insane.
Gambier let us do our own shopping and we could sail around this big archipelago , where ever the wind directed us to. I hope this was not true for Hao, otherwise our next stop will be short. We have to treat every island as a possible place to get stuck again, if this
famous second wave comes. So it better be a place that is nice and where the people treat us like humans.

Unfortunately an Equadorian fishing trawler with 30 crew came to the Marquesas with one worker very sick from Corona. In Nuku Hiva he was air lifted out to Tahiti and then they were all tested . 29 crew members were positive, but not seriously ill. So they ordered them
to move near Tahiti and stay under quarantine some where way offshore.
This is bad news for us sailors. I am sure they throw us all in the same bucket. Hell knows how this captain was fishing offshore with all of his crew having symptoms. We have no info where he sailed from and how long he was offshore. But a big ship can keep this virus
going for long It jumps from one crew member to the next. Just read about both US and that French air craft carrier, were almost every body got sick. Funny how such a small enemy can cripple a war machine....
In Switzerland the politicians and the military were arguing about what new jet fighter they wanted to buy. And how to fight terrorists. The same bureaucrats were in charge of face masks and pandemic warfare in general....they all forgot about it and didn't order new gear
as they were told to do. Funny how all Swiss thought the government did a wonderful job.

This bay is peaceful and we don't fell much of the strong winds blowing over the mountains. Went ashore and found a few lime trees. Its just great how they smell fresh of the tree. You cant get this perfume of a fresh lime from any store. It only lasts a short time.

Our gecko is lively and jumping around every where. He just discovered an new bottle of rice wine Daniela made. A little wine is oozing out from the top and he likes to get loaded on it....temperature dropping down to 22C now...omg
Vessel Name: YELO
Vessel Make/Model: CATANA 431
Hailing Port: LANGKAWI
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