Dreaming of Cruising

09 November 2009 | Port Kinsale Marina, Kinsale VA
05 November 2009 | Kinsale, VA
30 March 2008 | Red Hook, St. Thomas to Maho Bay, St. John
29 March 2008 | Red Hook, St. Thomas
28 March 2008 | Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI

Depart DC for American Yacht Harbor St. Thomas

28 March 2008 | Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI
With six years to go before retirement I decided to take a step towards my retirement dreams. I renewed my passport in January and managed to get a week off in April. With little time to waste I started searching for sailing schools.

Since my retirement boat would be a catamaran,
that is what I looked for. I was also hoping to go to a nice locale where I would break in that
shiny new passport. I ended up booking a class with Fair Wind Sailing in the USVI on a 45'
Leopard cat.

I elected to arrive a day early and sleep aboard the boat the night before to get a handle on
what was what as well as protect myself in the case of any delayed flights. Happily, all the
flights were on time, but my snorkel gear disappeared enroute. I was told that since it was obvious what it was (a fin bag) that it was probably stolen when I connected in San Juan as there is a HUGE amount of baggage theft there. Shame on American Airlines for allowing that to occur.

The drive from the airport was one that I don't care to repeat.....I believe we were driving on
goat paths for a while there with a thousand foot dropoff on my side. With a ton of traffic.

Finally arrived at American Yacht Harbor, Red Hook, St. Thomas. This is a pretty impressive facility. I'm told their fees are impressive as well. I thought a 45' boat was big....it's on the small side in this area. Just incredible. I was the first one aboard, then Larry and Mary from Milwaukee arrived. Our Captain for the upcoming week, Capt. Bob, arrived soon after. The fourth and final student, Mike from Chicago, wouldn't arrive until the following day. The class starts tomorrow at 4pm so we have all day to ourselves. Larry and Mary and I had a nice dinner at Molly Malone's, enjoying some fantastic fish sandwiches, and turned in pretty early. The photo is of sunset over the slips at AYH.

Vessel Name: Gillyweed
Vessel Make/Model: 22' Westerly Cirrus
Hailing Port: Kinsale, VA
About: Planning to retire in 2014 and move aboard. In the meantime I am starting to learn to sail.
Extra: I recently bought a 22' Westerly Cirrus. Now I just need to get it shipshape and get out there.

Port: Kinsale, VA