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20 March 2017 | Belmont estates where the coco beans are dried
11 March 2017 | Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
11 March 2017
03 March 2017
26 February 2017
22 February 2017 | Sunset from Happy Island
19 February 2017 | Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
17 February 2017 | St George's Grenada
12 January 2017
04 January 2017
29 December 2016
22 December 2016

The last few days

20 March 2017 | Belmont estates where the coco beans are dried
We had a lovely sail back to Prickly Bay last Sunday. I can honestly say that it was the best boating day of the trip! It was beautiful. Once we got to the bottom of Grenada and turned the conrner towards Prickly Bay it was a hard slog for a couple of miles. Dirk was happy to have his house back on the mooring, called home.

We have been out and about sightseeing in Grenada. Friday we took buses up to Belmont estate, located in the north eastern part of the island. 3 different buses were required to get there. We went up 2,000' through the rain forest and back down the other side to the second largest town call Grenville. We stretched our legs and had a look at the local markets and produce. Grenville has more local fresh fruit and vegetables, as it is easier to grow them in that part of Grenada. We hopped onto another bus which droppped us off at Belmont estates - 400 acres estate that grows coco trees nutmeg, maintains a milking goat herd and plant nursery. It was started back in 17th century as a sugar cane plantation but convert to nutmeg in world war 2 and then to coco after hurricane Ivan hit in 2004. It was like stepping back in time. Most of the method are still the old fashion ones. I finally got to see how it is grown and processed. They send the coco beans to a co-op where it is converted into chocolate. I have fallen in love with the Grenadian dark chocolate,!
We ate lunch at the restaurant. I had green banana and nutmeg soup followed by local goat cheese salad it was outstanding!! We took the 3 buses back to boat. It was nice to be on terra firma for the day.

We hired a taxi driver to give us a tour of the island, so we could get to places not on a bus route. Paul took us up the west coast of the island. We stopped at fort Frederick, over looking St. George's, The nutmeg factory - in Gouyave, the chocolate factory in Victoria. The chocolate factory showed us the process of chocolate from the dried beans to chocolate. It was another slice of heaven as we were able to sample all the different % of chocolate. We ate lunch at the top of the island at A beautiful hotel and restaurant - Petit Anse on the coast looking at towards Carriacou. The landscape on East coast was not as spectacular as the west coast, however we stopped and saw a few sights along the way. I can now say I have been all over Grenada!!

Tomorrow I'm heading back to windy Cold Bermuda!! It is going to be a shock to my system for sure, however it will be good to see family and friends.

Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

11 March 2017 | Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
We have been anchored for a week in Tyrell Bay. Most of the time the weather has been windy with a lots of squalls. Fortunately it is good holding here and the anchor is dug in really well, so we haven't dragged, so Dirk is sleeping well at night!

We met up with our friends on Certitude and had a movie night and card night with pot luck dinners. It was a lovely change form just the two of us. They are wanting to sail up to the British Virgin Islands to sell their catamaran, and the weather has not been favorable. Phyilis is my swimming partner, so we have been swimming most days, whi

I learnt from Facebook that my friend from Bermuda Doug Marshall was in Tyrell Bay. So the afternoon we arrived I took the dinghy and located his boat but he wasn't on it - I discovered through messenger that he was in using wifi at the art Gallery Cafe. The wonders of modern technology I went and joined him and we had a good natter. He sails the boat single handed down here in the Caribbean and will be back in Bermuda April/May time.

Dirk and I have had several meals out. Dirk's favorite restaurant in Carriacou is Slipway restaurant. We went there the first night we were here and had the BEST grilled tuna I have ever tasted!! Delicious!!! We also had lunch there yesterday and I had tuna again and it was up to the same standard. I also tasted tamarind a fruit grown on the island which has a sweet and sour taste. I had tamarind juice and a tart, both were delicious and different than what I'm used to.

We took the bus into Hillsborough - the main town - several time, to do some shopping. It definately has more variety and twice as many stores as Clifton on Union Island. i have noticed specialized food stores catering to the tastes of cruisers tourists and boat charters in these remote parts. The captain's store in Clifton which had a lot of really nice cheeses, wines, can goods etc with some awesome baked goods at a price!! Here in Carriacou we found Pati's Deli which had some really nice cold cuts, cheeses, sandwiches and other items. I guess the demand is there with the boat charter people, buying regardless. I found better fruit and veggies here than on union island which I have really enjoyed!!

Yesterday Thomas took us on a tour of the island. It was good to be on land, seeing parts that are not visible by bus and learning the history and culture of the the island. He took us to the hospital which is on the top of a hill- very windy! We discovered that it was placed there in 17th century to combat malaria. The mosquitos can't thrive in such a windy environment. Wooden boat are made on the island from local cedar trees, we saw a few being built amazing.

One sunny morning Phyilis and I went snorkeling in the mangroves to watch the amazing jellyfish that live in there. They lie on their backs and the tentacles are up in the air, which don't sting. It was an awesome sight to see!!

Tomorrow the plan is to head back to Prickly Bay. Murphy's law that the weather for the next 10 days is awesome for sailing North or south!! Oh well next time we will get further north and I won't be seasick.

Tyrell Day

11 March 2017

Tobago Cays

03 March 2017
We spent three days in Tobago Cays, with blues skies and the occasional squall, snorkeling, short hikes up Petit Bateau and Baradal islands, reading, watching movies. Not a bad life. Sunday night we were treated to one of Romeo's famous lobster barbaque dinner on the beach - delicious!! We had a little interruption with a squall going through which meant we all huddled under the limited shelter areas. On the way home, we got slightly wet with another squall but we're grateful we left when we did as the heavens opened as soon as we got back to the boat.

Tuesday morning, after looking at the weather, we decided it was not going to fun bashing our way to Bequia, 25 miles away, up wind. Also, the winds were due to pick up ( normally they are 15-20kts) the forecast was for 20-25kts with rain squalls ( this is the dry season Lol). We needed somewhere to hunker down for a few days, we choose Off Ashton on union island, behind Frigate Island. We have been here for 3 days, being entertained by the kite surfer hydrofoiling - amazing the amount of energy these people have and the speeds at which they go.

On the first day we walked into Clifton to get groceries, and took the bus back. On the second day, I hiked over hill to Chatham bay. According to tourist office I could get down to the bay but when I got to the end of the paved road, the only turn off washed out track with boulders, which had an incline of 1:10. I didn't want to risk life and limb to go hurt myself and then not be found. On the way back I past two guys sitting by the side of the road and we got into a conversation, and I discovered that was the way down. I would definitely need a four wheel drive if I had to go up and down that dirt track every day. Dirk thought it prudent to stay on the boat in case anchor dragged in the high winds.

We have been chatting to our friends on Certitude in Tyrell Bay and watching the weather. We have decided to move to Tyrell Bay and spend time with our friends who are waiting for a weather window to go north. So we walked into Clifton and checked out with customs and immigration, and walked back to the boat. We got the boat ready to leave and saw the grey clouds rolling in from the east and decided to wait until first light tomorrow morning when the weather is supposed to improve.

March 1st was the start of my exercise routine on the boat. The swimming has been good but not enough to stop the muscle mass melting away. So after consulting Rebecca - one of Dirk's boat friend who is an avid fitness person, I have added lunges, squats, push-ups and planks to swimming and or hiking routine. Today is day 3 and I'm feeling sore!!

Looking forward to being safely anchored in Tyrell Bay tomorrow. The picture is of Chatham Bay.


26 February 2017
Thursday, morning we the hour trip to Salt Whislte Bay, Mayreau. It is a half moon crescent Beach lined with palm trees and bar/restaurant shacks at one end. It is beautiful. Dirk and I obviously do not look like a charter boat. None on the boats boys came out to help us pick up a mooring, like they do for the charter boats. We went ashore at took a hike up to the Catholic Church Where the views were stunning, in one direction is Tobago Cays and the other union Island. We walked down into the tiny village and then on down onto the beach on the other side of the island. I envie Dirk and his long legs as he seemed to make hiking up these hills so easy. After a rest on the boat, I got the mask and snorkel out and went for a swim, dodging the boat boys and the dinghies going ashore!!

Friday we spent watching the comings and goings in Salt Whislte Bay. Boats are coming and going some just for lunch and some staying over night, by lunchtime all the mooring balls were filled and the stragglers had to anchor - not easy in the thick sea grass for holding. The boat boys were busy tying up charter boats, taxing people ashore and selling there wares of lobster fish, baguettes, ice and fuel. Mr Forde, the man who collected our mooring fees told us some of the boat boys in the bay and been reported to the patrol boat, for going too fast in the bay! The fine we discovered was $500EU and your boat confiscated until you pay the fine!! We had dinner at Coconut bar and restaurant recommended by Mr. Forde, yes you guessed it - it is run by one of his cousins!! The meal was good - I had snapper and Dirk had tuna it was good, but the best part of the meal was the fried plantains which ended up as dessert, they didn't receive their shipment until half way through the meal!!

Saturday morning we mad e the 1/2 hr boat trip to Tobago Cays where we tied up to a mooring ball next to where the turtles feed and swim, and again NO boat boys came to assist us. We saw turtles within seconds of arriving, so in I went and saw them up close and personal!! There were several hanging out near our mooring ball eating the turtle grass. Looking East of Tobago Cays all you see is ocean, the area is protected Atlantic swells by a huge reef which surrounds most of the eastern area, which makes it and ideal spot for kite surfers of which ther were serveral doing there thing.

Not sure how many nights we will be here. Tonight Dirk arranged a lobster beach barbaque with his friend Romeo. So I'm looking forward to that.

Union Island

22 February 2017 | Sunset from Happy Island
We motor over to Union Island Monday morning. I was very grateful I didn't feel any seasickness. We arrived about lunch time and Buddha- boat boy- showed us to one of his moorings which we took. We went ashore to clear customs and immigration. Union Island belongs to St Vincent and the Grenadine. It is a small island with two towns Clifton and Ashton and 3,000 inhabitants. We wandered around Clifton after clearing immigration and customs. We found the only ATM machine and Pharmacy on the island.lunch at Big Citi Grill was delicious. I had a chicken wrap which had a roti type skin as the wrap. Dirk had a bird eying up his chips, he was finally rewarded when Dirk got up to get something and I wasnt quick enough stop the bird!! Monday evening we dinghyed over to "Happy Island" - an isolated rock area on the reef made into a bar. We watched the sun go down which was beautiful.

Tuesday I woke with my ear causing problems and decided to get it checked out as the next few places we were planning to visit didn't have a doctor or a pharmacy. We were told to go to the hospital. When we got there we discovered that there was only one doctor on the island and she was doing a clinic in Ashton. I made an appointment for the following morning. Having taken care of that we took a bus to Ashton 5 mins away and had a look round there. We started walking back to Clifton knowing the bus would stop for us if it came along. We didn't see one so we ended up walking back. We arranged to have a tuna dinner at Happy Island as something special to do. We dinghyed over for sunset and had a delicious tuna dinner. The picture above is the sunset we were treated to, beautiful!!

Wednesday we hiked up the hill to the hospital for my appointment. The doctor said they were not infected and gave me drops to help with irritation. I spent part of the afternoon exploring the huge shallow reef near our mooring. Dirk was happy to chill on the boat.

Tomorrow we plan to head for Mayreau a 1.5sq mile island with 200 inhabitants. It won't take us long to get there as I can see it from Union island.
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