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08 November 2014 | 'the Couve
30 April 2014 | Newport Harbor Anchorage
29 April 2014 | Long Beach YC, Alamitos Bay, Long Beach
20 April 2014 | Oceanside YC
09 December 2013 | SWYC Guest Dock
10 May 2013 | Southwestern YC, San Diego, USA
08 May 2013 | Ensenada, BC, México
03 May 2013 | Marina Cabo San Lucas
22 April 2013 | La Cruz Fuel Dock
21 April 2013 | Paradise Village Marina, Nuevo Vallata, NAY, Mex
14 March 2013 | Opequimar Boatyard
06 February 2013 | Bahía de Tenacatita, Jalisco, México
04 March 2012 | Laguna de Navidad

Hannah Crosses the Bar

08 November 2014 | 'the Couve
"Hannah Crosses the Bar"

Debbie & I sold Younger Girl in San Diego in August. Proper etiquette demands that we post a final blog entry, within a reasonable time. Traditionally, that post would include a review of the crew that made the boat experience what it was. In the case of Younger Girl, those numbers would be ### crew throughout the #,### nm she was under our command. Figuring that all out would require no small amount of both research and memory on my part. Procrastination being what it is, a post of that nature will come, but not today.

Today, I'm posting a tribute to the "best damn crew I ever did see!" Of course, I'm referring to our First Officer, Hannah (Stinky) Hayward Sciarretta. Earlier this month, she "swallowed the anchor", giving up sailing and life itself. She was 16. (Just got her driver's license.)

She was well known by her many "pirate" names: Stinks, Stinky Lu, Lu Lu, The Stinkster, Seniorita Stinks, Little Girl, Stinky Girl, Lil' Stinky Girl, Stink E. Dog, and, Stinky McDog. But, shipboard, she was mostly just plain Stinky!

In the parlance of Columbia River sailors and boatmen, Hannah crossed the bar on 8 November 2014. This, coincidently, was seven years, to the day, that I boarded Younger Girl in Brunswick, Georgia to begin our cruising life.

She was our boat's lookout. She never failed us. She will be missed, more than you can imagine!

Day 12 - Old Salts

30 April 2014 | Newport Harbor Anchorage
Mark / Hot & Windy - Santa Ana Style
Above: Mark in "prayers", as always, thanking Netuno for a safe passage.

Last night, Debbie and I decided to hurry home to San Diego. The plan was to make only one stop - in 50nm distant Oceanside. We love it at OYC. They make us feel right at home. But more importantly, they've got a great & creative chef. We were really looking forward to a dinner that would be both better and way, way less expensive than what we found in the LBYC dining room last night. But, I digress: after a night in Oceanside, we'd wrap up our cruise with an easy 42nm downhill run to San Diego.

Netuno had other plans for us. Although my weather routing app called for wind ENE at 11-15 kts. in the morning and sitting down to 7-10 in the afternoon, we found much more! It was blowing 15-20 as we we clawed away from the dock at 0900. By the time we got outside, it was a steady 20 kts., and building. We set a single reef in the main, with a 70% jib. Soon, we found out exactly what this passage was to be - a constant 20-30 kts., gusting to 40. We put in a 2nd reef, and further reduced the jib to 50%; maybe 30%.

While the passage was completely safe , (close reaching at 6.5 to 8 kts.) and pretty comfortable other than a bit - more than a bit, of spray - quite frankly, a lot more than a bit of spray (our Younger Girl is now saltier than Lot's wife!), after a couple of hours we'd had enough.

Newport Beach was calling. Although, we'd already spent 4 nights there, we really wanted another! So, we anchored up. Actually, we'd hoped to tie to a mooring near Moontide. But, the wind gods don't always work in our favor. No, Netuno ripped the boathook out of Debbie's hand, and shortly before, ripped the cap off of my head. So, the bottom line is this: Younger Girl's boathook and my red Lipton Cup cap are now in Davey's Locker. We're now enjoying a bit of tranquility on the hook, with the warmth of the Santa Ana winds.

The National Weather Service calls for more of the same tomorrow, ending sometime in the afternoon. So, we've decided not to continue south (actually east) towards Dana point or Oceanside. Instead, we'll probably remain here on the hook two nights. Then, at o -dark-thirty, sail 70 miles, all the way to San Diego on Friday.

Day 11 - Resting

29 April 2014 | Long Beach YC, Alamitos Bay, Long Beach
Mark / Santa Ana winds & heat
Yeah, I know: it seems like we might have skipped an entry or nine. I plan to fill those entries in eventually. In the meantime I can tell you that since Oceanside we've motored up to Newport Harbor. There, we spent about three days. Then, we crossed to Catalina's Isthmus Cove for a night, before motoring down to Avalon. Monday, we crossed back to the mainland; this time to Long Beach YC, in Alamitos Bay.

Along the way, we spent time with Mexico cruisers Bill & Judy of Moontide, and Keith & Terry of Ojo Rojo. We also had Portland friend, Terrie, join us from Newport Beach until now. Here in Alamitos Bay we were able to meet up with my nephew, Steve, a couple of times.

Tomorrow, we'll begin heading "home" to San Diego.

Day 1 - Oceanside

20 April 2014 | Oceanside YC
Mark / Partly Cloudy 65f

Leaving friends and cable TV behind, we slipped the comfort & safety of Kona Kai's mega yacht dock at 0916, Saturday. Neither Debbie nor I had any idea what was to come! Actually, we had a very clear idea of what the day might bring: we were going to (probably motor-) sail 42 miles up to Oceanside. In fact, having visited twice in February, we already had reserved the guest dock at OYC. They've made us feel at home there; last time having served "the best fried chicken I've (Debbie) had in my life! So, we were definitely ooking forward to getting to OYC.

But, bashing windward at 6-7 kts., in 10-15 kts. true and 2' seas, it was anything but easy. It was bitter cold; and we all felt a little woozy from time to time. Even Stinky had a hard time sleeping for more than about two hours at a stretch. Debbie made it clear that this would be the last time she'd be cruising to weather (She did stipulate that Polynesian island hopping might be OK. )

Arriving Oceanside Harbor at about 1620, we found flat water, and the warmth of the SoCal sun - perfect! While I took a long hot shower, Debbie & Stinky took a well deserved nap. Then, it was up to the OYC bar for the daily dinner special: a Hawaiian feast. Finally, we fell asleep watching Maverick in our bunk at "cruisers midnight" (about 8:45)

Next stop: Newport Beach, 35 nm. to the NE.

SD Parade of Lights

09 December 2013 | SWYC Guest Dock
Mark / Chilly
Debbie & I are back in SD for a few days, before flying south for warmth and Christmas with Philo & Maria. Last night we enjoyed the company of old & new friends aboard YG to watch the Parade of Lights. So e boats were pretty impressive!

Bash Completeld; Prayers Concluded

10 May 2013 | Southwestern YC, San Diego, USA
Mark / Dark
Younger Girl has cleared Customs and found our way over to the SWYC Guest Dock. It was 0115 local, or 0215 Cabo time. Too late for Internet! Good night
Vessel Name: Younger Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 380 Catamaran (2003)
Hailing Port: Zigzag, Oregon, USA
Crew: Mark Sciarretta & Debbie Hayward
Extra: We're back aboard, momentarily. We'll be flying to PV on Friday for Christmas. Well be back on the 27th. In the meantime, "Younger Girl" is unenthusiastically "For Sale by Owner". Contact me for more info, and/or check out: www.YougerGirl.or
Home Page: http://www.YoungerGirl.org
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