Zen - family cruising catamaran

Family of 4 sailing from New England to Auckland, New Zealand '08-'10

26 August 2010 | Portsmouth, Rhode Island
27 April 2010 | Rhode Island
05 April 2010 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
24 March 2010 | Portsmouth, RI
19 February 2010 | middle of Pacific Ocean
12 February 2010 | Waiheke Island, NZ
08 February 2010 | Auckland, New Zealand
30 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
26 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
22 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
20 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
17 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
14 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
08 January 2010 | Los Angeles, CA
07 January 2010 | Newark International Airport
27 December 2009 | Rhode Island, USA
10 December 2009 | New Delhi, India
02 December 2009 | South Island, NZ
13 November 2009 | Whangarei, New Zealand
10 November 2009 | Opua and Kerikeri, New Zealand

Zen is HOME!

26 August 2010 | Portsmouth, Rhode Island
After sailing from Newport, RI to New Zealand via the Panama Canal, here's Zen, in front of our Portsmouth home, in the tiny state of Rhode Island. As planned, we sold our townhouse and purchased a single family home for the kids' high school and university years. When friends come by, and thankfully, many do, they ask three questions:

"What was your favorite place?"
A. The Cook Islands

"Is there any place you would relocate to?"
A. Only locale that rivals Rhode Island - NEW ZEALAND

"Kids, would you do it again if you could?"
A. YES! In a heartbeat!
A. YES! Absolutely!

That about sums it up. We have officially altered our children's lives forever. Cruising may fade into the background for a little while, as they blend into their world of teenagers. But, we believe, it will resurface to help them navigate through their own journeys. Our global sailing cruise may be over for now, but we'll continue to enjoy the bliss of coastal cruising for a few years, before we take off again when the kids reach university.

As we reflect and recount our trip for family, friends and strangers, we simply say, "It was GREAT! Literally, all of it. Every single bit of it." The four of us are most grateful to the innumerable locals who welcomed us, the cruising friends who are now family, the cultures that awed us and our land friends who never, ever lost touch and celebrated our adventure.

Approximate Nautical Miles Sailed: 20,000
Number of Countries Visited: 20
Number of Months: 20
Fastest Boat Speed: 28 knots (Panama)
Longest Passage: 17 days (Galapagos to Marquesas)
Fastest 24-hour Run: 240 miles

Tom the Writer

27 April 2010 | Rhode Island
Tom has been banging away on that laptop, mostly financial data, industry research and statistical analysis, but he took some time out to reflect on his favorite pastime. Cruising. Take a peek at his article in this month's "Bluewater Sailing/Multihulls Quarterly". Click below on "Multihulls Quarterly: Zen's Den".

Multihulls Quarterly: Zens DenView more documents from Burgess Media LLC.

USA Welcomes Zen

05 April 2010 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Be on the ship at 7:00am Easter morning", says Patrick, the loading master for Dockwise Yacht Transport. Valentines in Auckland and Easter in Ft. Lauderdale. Do you think they get a discount at the commercial docks for holiday berthings? Nonetheless, our Easter was spent first in a cab, then on a huge ship, and finally aboard our floating home, s/v Zen. She was dirty, had a pile of shrinkwrap (that's Tom in the picture above with the wrap on the tramp), plenty of residue glue, a couple of projects to attend to and small dots of stains on the nonskid thanks to the exhaust coming from Super Servant 3's stacks. But, all was easily fixed with a little elbow grease. Cammi and Cole were in charge of many jobs, and I was quickly reminded of how a sailboat naturally bonds our family. Working as a team, the day went by quickly. By late afternoon, we were chatting with our neighbors at the Ft Lauderdale marina and were immediately reminded of the yachtie persona: friendly, helpful and quick to smile. Twelve hours after our pre-sunrise cab ride, we were sweaty, smelly and ready for some serious food. No, it wasn't my mom's, grandmother's, or aunt's amazing 5-hour holiday meal, but it sure fit the bill. The popular restaurant, called Anthony's Coal Oven Pizza, immediately found us a table instead of giving the standard response of, "Sure, table for 4, that will be about an hour's wait." Normally, we are surrounded by tons of extended family, egg hunts and fancily clad kids and adults. This time we could not have been further from that scene. It was tank tops and strangers, but two things were consistent, the warm reception and the perfectly cooked delicious food. Our megayacht neighbors suggested the joint and nailed it. Our table of four was happy, thrilled with the work accomplished, and content with the Easter celebration.

The week in Ft Lauderdale will be even shorter than a week. And the cruising we had hoped to squeeze in from April through June in the Bahamas is out. Team Burgess, always changing with the wind, is being promptly sucked into the 'real world', mostly due to Tom's new company that is way more than off the ground. Although 2 more months of cruising is quite enticing, when reality and opportunity calls, we are more than rejuvenated to listen. Zen will see us again in May or June, when a nice weather window opens, and we'll sail her straight up to Newport, where she'll enjoy being back at the ever-friendly, Newport Shipyard.

We are sore, tan, and counting down the days until we say adieu to our beloved blue boat. Our sincere thanks goes out to the crews of Dockwise Super Servant 3, s/y Nelson, and s/y Isabelle, for helping to bring Zen safely through 55 knots of wind and huge waves. We are so happy to have her in back in the US of A!!
Vessel Name: Zen
Vessel Make/Model: Atlantic 48' catamaran
Hailing Port: Newport, RI
Crew: Tom, Monique and Kids
Tom, Monique, Cammi, and Cole. Tom is the CEO/Founder for a high-tech advertising firm, which he just sold to a large US media company, giving us the ability to set sail. [...]
Eight years ago, we sold our advertising company, and left terra firma on our monohull, "Uliad", for a family cruise. As soon as we returned to land, immediately we started planning our 2nd cruise. Here's the continuation of our journey, except this time the kids are active crew members, [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/zen/
Zen's Photos - Winter 08-09'
Howler Monkey - Cano Negro, CR
Kingfisher and Jesus Christ lizard in Cano Negro
Sloth in CR
Fields of pineapple in CR
Close up of pineapple
Catholic church in La Fortuna village
Cole and Bugs outside our bungalow
Zen crew at hotel pool in CR
Foliage in CR
Master bathroom at hotel in CR, our own hot springs!
Master bedroom w/mosquito netting...thankfully, no bugs
Kuwati, the local racoon-type animal in CR
Pulled right up to van...no dock needed
Osprey in CR
Transfer boat from Monteverde to La Fortuna, CR
Herding in CR
View of Pacific from our room in Monteverde
Gardens at Selvatura, CR
Jesus Christ Lizard...we saw him run on top of the water in Cano Negro.  Amen.
3 colored snake, CR
Over 130 kinds of snakes in CR, many poisonous
Hummingbird at Selvature Nature Park
Cammi ziplining
Waiting in Panama City Airport
Hiking w/family from s/v Tigre at Shelter Bay Marina
Leaf ants carrying their home
Barkman-Burgess gang in Puerto Rico
Pete, our MC
All aboard Capt Tom
Certa-Survivor...Tom and gang building a raft
B-band on Palomino Island
Christmas celebrations continue
Vero Beach, Florida family reunion
Monique and her beloved grandma
Good morning...another Christmas at Nonna
Harley and Tommy, curled up
Zen and Chewbacca kids in Panama
Cole, getting ready for Florida
Can the smiles on Cammi and Katherine be any brighter?
Arts and Crafts in El Conquistador
Big kids have fun, too!
Boy against the Girls
Cole and Lolly after a sleepover
Laughing Lolly!!
Cartagena at night
Kids workout in Cartagena; Cole swinging on halyard
Cartagena Old Town
Cammi, Ami (s/v Tara Vana) and Monique
Post dinner Cartagena
Ami & Rick (s/v Tara Vana) w/us in Cartagena
Happy Sombreros!
Holiday decorations in Cartagena
Cammi in her cabin
Cole and Rick w/their favorite desserts
Human statue, Old Town, Cartagena
Cole...our human statue...Cartagena
Sweets for sale
Architecture in Cartagena
Cammi showing her Puma Ocean Racing support!  Go Kenny Read!
Transportation in Cartagena
Mime and Tom, Cartagena
Cammi delivering sweets to the local kids who paddled out to us
Cole on windsurfing board and Cam on surfboard paddling w/local kids
Professional waterskiing lesson by Tara Vana in Rosarios, Columbia
Success again...Cole
Walking down the main street in Isla Grande, Rosarios
Main village in Isla Grande, Rosarios
School for 350 kids and 12 teachers on Isla Grande, Rosarios
Kids w/trainer and dolphins
Kids w/trainer and dolphins
Dolphin - Rosarios, Columbia
Everyone happy and amazed in Columbia
Cammi kissing her new buddy in Columbia
Dolphins in Rosarios
Crane visiting the Rosarios aquarium
Restaurant in Rosarios
Cammi and Lisa, expert mola maker, in San Blas
Appreciating the molas and the handiwork
Kuna handmade BBQ w/palm frond wind barrier in San Blas
Kuna hut at Coco Bandero Cays, San Blas
Inside a Kuna hut in Coco Bandero Cays
Laundry day in San Blas
Sophia and Patrick (s/v Migo) - great family from Canada!
4 kid boats gather at a little island in Coco Banderos for some fun
Crane pose by Cole
Standard room w/a view in San Blas
Boys of Zen, Migo, Monkey Feet and Anemos
Girls of Zen, Anemos, Monkey Feet and Migo
Tuna we caught while sailing at 9.5 knots from Coco Banderos to Lemmon Cays
Zen brings s/v Fai Da Te for a daysail...can you say "fun"??
Marisa (s/v Albatres) and Monique during a daysail on Zen near Holandes Cays
Making Dutch "stick bread" at BBQ island
Yoga in Paradise
Fresh foods delivered to San Blas via water taxi!
Cole and Oscar taking a sail in the Opti
Giulia teaches herself to drive her dinghy (just like her mom, Katja!)
Christmas Eve Party on Zen in Holandes Cays, San Blas
Giulia brings a special creation to our holiday feast for Christmas Eve
Christmas cricket game on BBQ Island
Cole and Oscar...muy amigos!
Fun Christmas Day celebration in Holandes Cays with about 40 other boats
Buffet on Christmas Day
Santa makes a delivery to Zen
Visiting Professor: Sarah from Pogo II giving special class on being the first woman pilot for Panama Canal.  We can
Pippin, a 3-toed-sloth in Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
Pippin, hanging onto his owner, Kendall