Zen - family cruising catamaran

Family of 4 sailing from New England to Auckland, New Zealand '08-'10

26 August 2010 | Portsmouth, Rhode Island
27 April 2010 | Rhode Island
05 April 2010 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
24 March 2010 | Portsmouth, RI
19 February 2010 | middle of Pacific Ocean
12 February 2010 | Waiheke Island, NZ
08 February 2010 | Auckland, New Zealand
30 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
26 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
22 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
20 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
17 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
14 January 2010 | Whangarei, New Zealand
08 January 2010 | Los Angeles, CA
07 January 2010 | Newark International Airport
27 December 2009 | Rhode Island, USA
10 December 2009 | New Delhi, India
02 December 2009 | South Island, NZ
13 November 2009 | Whangarei, New Zealand
10 November 2009 | Opua and Kerikeri, New Zealand

Zen is HOME!

26 August 2010 | Portsmouth, Rhode Island
After sailing from Newport, RI to New Zealand via the Panama Canal, here's Zen, in front of our Portsmouth home, in the tiny state of Rhode Island. As planned, we sold our townhouse and purchased a single family home for the kids' high school and university years. When friends come by, and thankfully, many do, they ask three questions:

"What was your favorite place?"
A. The Cook Islands

"Is there any place you would relocate to?"
A. Only locale that rivals Rhode Island - NEW ZEALAND

"Kids, would you do it again if you could?"
A. YES! In a heartbeat!
A. YES! Absolutely!

That about sums it up. We have officially altered our children's lives forever. Cruising may fade into the background for a little while, as they blend into their world of teenagers. But, we believe, it will resurface to help them navigate through their own journeys. Our global sailing cruise may be over for now, but we'll continue to enjoy the bliss of coastal cruising for a few years, before we take off again when the kids reach university.

As we reflect and recount our trip for family, friends and strangers, we simply say, "It was GREAT! Literally, all of it. Every single bit of it." The four of us are most grateful to the innumerable locals who welcomed us, the cruising friends who are now family, the cultures that awed us and our land friends who never, ever lost touch and celebrated our adventure.

Approximate Nautical Miles Sailed: 20,000
Number of Countries Visited: 20
Number of Months: 20
Fastest Boat Speed: 28 knots (Panama)
Longest Passage: 17 days (Galapagos to Marquesas)
Fastest 24-hour Run: 240 miles

Tom the Writer

27 April 2010 | Rhode Island
Tom has been banging away on that laptop, mostly financial data, industry research and statistical analysis, but he took some time out to reflect on his favorite pastime. Cruising. Take a peek at his article in this month's "Bluewater Sailing/Multihulls Quarterly". Click below on "Multihulls Quarterly: Zen's Den".

Multihulls Quarterly: Zens DenView more documents from Burgess Media LLC.

USA Welcomes Zen

05 April 2010 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Be on the ship at 7:00am Easter morning", says Patrick, the loading master for Dockwise Yacht Transport. Valentines in Auckland and Easter in Ft. Lauderdale. Do you think they get a discount at the commercial docks for holiday berthings? Nonetheless, our Easter was spent first in a cab, then on a huge ship, and finally aboard our floating home, s/v Zen. She was dirty, had a pile of shrinkwrap (that's Tom in the picture above with the wrap on the tramp), plenty of residue glue, a couple of projects to attend to and small dots of stains on the nonskid thanks to the exhaust coming from Super Servant 3's stacks. But, all was easily fixed with a little elbow grease. Cammi and Cole were in charge of many jobs, and I was quickly reminded of how a sailboat naturally bonds our family. Working as a team, the day went by quickly. By late afternoon, we were chatting with our neighbors at the Ft Lauderdale marina and were immediately reminded of the yachtie persona: friendly, helpful and quick to smile. Twelve hours after our pre-sunrise cab ride, we were sweaty, smelly and ready for some serious food. No, it wasn't my mom's, grandmother's, or aunt's amazing 5-hour holiday meal, but it sure fit the bill. The popular restaurant, called Anthony's Coal Oven Pizza, immediately found us a table instead of giving the standard response of, "Sure, table for 4, that will be about an hour's wait." Normally, we are surrounded by tons of extended family, egg hunts and fancily clad kids and adults. This time we could not have been further from that scene. It was tank tops and strangers, but two things were consistent, the warm reception and the perfectly cooked delicious food. Our megayacht neighbors suggested the joint and nailed it. Our table of four was happy, thrilled with the work accomplished, and content with the Easter celebration.

The week in Ft Lauderdale will be even shorter than a week. And the cruising we had hoped to squeeze in from April through June in the Bahamas is out. Team Burgess, always changing with the wind, is being promptly sucked into the 'real world', mostly due to Tom's new company that is way more than off the ground. Although 2 more months of cruising is quite enticing, when reality and opportunity calls, we are more than rejuvenated to listen. Zen will see us again in May or June, when a nice weather window opens, and we'll sail her straight up to Newport, where she'll enjoy being back at the ever-friendly, Newport Shipyard.

We are sore, tan, and counting down the days until we say adieu to our beloved blue boat. Our sincere thanks goes out to the crews of Dockwise Super Servant 3, s/y Nelson, and s/y Isabelle, for helping to bring Zen safely through 55 knots of wind and huge waves. We are so happy to have her in back in the US of A!!
Vessel Name: Zen
Vessel Make/Model: Atlantic 48' catamaran
Hailing Port: Newport, RI
Crew: Tom, Monique and Kids
Tom, Monique, Cammi, and Cole. Tom is the CEO/Founder for a high-tech advertising firm, which he just sold to a large US media company, giving us the ability to set sail. [...]
Eight years ago, we sold our advertising company, and left terra firma on our monohull, "Uliad", for a family cruise. As soon as we returned to land, immediately we started planning our 2nd cruise. Here's the continuation of our journey, except this time the kids are active crew members, [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/zen/
Zen's Photos - Fall '09 Volume 2
Back in Auckland after a terrific week in the South Island of NZ
Antarctica Center in Christchurch - close as we
On the road again...
This is way better than Disney
Little bit of fun...oh yeah
What am I DOING?
Tom encourages Pete to do the same upside down drop...and he listened to his good friend!
Yes, he
Wave goodbye to your friends.
Suspended for speed
Lolly flying high in Queenstown
Darlene did the backflip!
Barkman-Burgess Thanksgiving Dinner high above Queenstown NZ - quite the holiday - very grateful
Strolling in Queenstown
Cole striking a bungy pose.  Yes, he
Celebratory hug after big jump
Tom diving over Queenstown...
Tom and Pete in line to hurl themselves off the platform
Look, you can see Tom, aka Superman
Cammi and Lauren doing a tandem ride down the luge
Katherine and Cammi riding up to the luge starting point
Sheep dogs and their master
Zen crew above Queenstown
View of Mount Cook from the information center and starting point for many climbers
Pals unite.
Hiking to see Tasman Glacier near Mount Cook Village
Tasman Glaciers and icebergs...lake is only 35 years old and 600 feet deep - NZ is known as the youngest country on Earth
Mount Cook clearly in the background - it
Lake Tekapo...real photo...not a postcard.
View only 10 minutes outside of Christchurch enroute to Fairlie
In Auckland, kids saying a big goodbye to Margie and Drew of Dosia...won
B-band hits New Zealand
Tom and Monique in Sky Tower w/Viaduct Marina in background - happy to have made it all the way to NZ!
In the Sky Tower in Auckland
Maori dancer poses w/authentic chin/lip tatoo after a terrific performance in Auckland
Tiki tongue poses
Welcome to NZ, here
B-band reunion down under!
Expert advice on turn-out and core strength
Tami (ballet teacher and previous pro dancer) and Cammi before ballet class
Dude needs a trim!  Pull off the road, look!  There
Cole drives amphibious boat at local boat show...he
Happy 15th Anniversary to Tom and Monique
Hiking Whangarei Falls
4 hour hike through places like this (Whangarei, NZ)
View from mountain overlooking Whangarei
Kauri tree in the background, huge!
Cammi and her Grade 7 class at Dance Inc. Northland
Cole w/the boys at karate class in Whangarei
Up close and personal at Taronga Zoo
3 month old baby born in Taronga Zoo, first one!
Red kangaroo
Cuddly koalas, there
How do they sleep 20 hours in this position?
Sleeping wombat, a marsupial, too!
Black swans, native only to Australia
Cole wants to adopt this quocca
Cammi feeding a quocca
Monique and Cammi petting a hand-raised female kangaroo...yes she
Cole making friends w/a kangaroo
Parrot coming down from its perch to say hello to us
Koalas, who normally sleep all day, came down to kiss the kids
Us hand feeding a possum
Tommy greeting a python
Petting a local lizard
Burgess Family in Botanical Gardens of Sydney, Australia - on the way to catch the ferry to the zoo
Nicky and Monique after first haircut in 2 years!
Nicky opening her home salon on a Sunday for this wayward sailor
Watch out!  The Americans are in Oz for Halloween!
Mudgie sharing the Halloween tradition in her Kensington neighborhood
Green nose and warts for Zen
High school pals reunite: Mudgie Gleason Moses and Monique Gulati Burgess - 5 kids later and a hemisphere apart
Cammi and Oscar at Mudgie and Daniel
Oscar, George, Cole and Cammi enjoying the built-in trampoline.  Nice!
Cockatoo fly all over city of Sydney
Aboriginal music and culture at Circular Quay in Sydney
Circular Quay - local aboriginal musicians
Taking a tour of the Opera House in Sydney
Dance, dance and more dance...lots of it goes on at the Opera House
Kids getting ready for their guided tour of the one-and-only Opera House
Crew of Carl Linne and Zen enjoying their 40-foot charter boat for a couple days in Sydney Harbor
Greg and Tom at the helm stations
Beautiful dangling flowers in Botanical Gardens
Flying Foxes...bats...in Botanical Gardens
Check our the bats in the trees.  They migrate across the city to a different nesting ground depending on the wind patterns.
Little finch getting a drink at Botanical Gardens
Lush and tropical cityscape
Cole rowing back to "Blackjack" while she was anchored for the evening next to Opera House and Botanical Gardens
Cole rowing Jinny ashore
Opera House from the water (photo by Cole)
Cole at the helm, Greg and Jinny along for the ride
Gourmet lunch, thanks Jinny!
Jacaranda purple trees in bloom all over Sydney
Luna Park and loony Zen kids
Cammi and Cole on ferry in Sydney Harbor
Cam and Cole under the jacaranda trees
Zen being driven into her garage at Friendship Yachts in Whangarei
Cammi and Cole darn happy with the view in Sydney
Our view while staying in The Rocks section of the city...like a postcard!
Tom balancing at Adventure Forest in Whangarei
Kids doing the aerial obstacle course at Adventure Forest in Whangarei
Taking a practice run and learning the safety lessons at Adventure Forest in Whangarei
Cammi getting challenged on the adreneline course at Adventure Forest in Whangarei, NZ
Zen being trucked while at Dockland 5 in Whangarei