14 January 2023 | 38 45.642'N:0 15.249'E, Passing Denia
02 June 2022 | 38 20.362'N:0 29.043'W, Real Club de Regatas, Alicante,Spain
01 June 2022 | 36 34'N:2 37'W, 70 miles N of Melilla, Algeria
31 May 2022 | 36 14'N:4 41'W, 35 miles W of Gibraltar
30 May 2022 | 35 28'N:09 12'W, 170 miles W of Tangiers, Morocco
29 May 2022 | 34 48'N:12 14'W, 220 miles SW of Cape St Vincent, Portugal
28 May 2022 | 33 43.9'N:14 36'W, 115 nm NE of Madeira
27 May 2022 | 32 47'N:16 30'W, 15nm SE of Porto Santo
27 May 2022 | 32 44.478'N:16 42.722'W, Quinta do Lorde marina
25 May 2022 | 34 04'N:18 41'W, 106nm NW of Madeira
24 May 2022 | 35 30'N:22 29'W, 340 miles WNW of Madeira
23 May 2022 | 36 22'N:25 01'W, 33 miles S of Ilha de Santa Maria, Azores
22 May 2022 | 36 14'N:29 09'W, 90 miles WSW of Ilha de Santa Maria, Azores
21 May 2022 | 36 21'N:30 30'W, 720nm ENE of Madeira
20 May 2022 | 36 19'N:34 51'W, 300nm SW of the Azores
19 May 2022 | 36 08'N:36 47'W, 450nm SW of the Azores
18 May 2022 | 34 48'N:39 45'W, A week from Madeira
17 May 2022 | 32 54'N:45 07'W, Still in the middle of the Atlantic
17 May 2022 | 32 54'N:45 07'W, In the middle of the Atlantic
16 May 2022 | 32 14'N:45 49'W, 1450 miles west of Madeira

Broken Promises (and a Shackle)

16 May 2022 | 32 14'N:45 49'W, 1450 miles west of Madeira
First, a fishless kedgeree, and then a fishless fish curry. Despite claims of 100% catch rate on board Zephyr by the skipper, two meals in two days have lacked the key ingredient. Mutiny is on our minds, but the word is yet to be spoken, only in knowing glances to each other as he goes to check the lines again. Perhaps one day we will eat fish, we have all but lost hope.

Our minds were taken away from the lack of fish momentarily when a loud bang was heard on deck. A shackle on the vang exploded quite spectacularly, leaving the main flapping away, very unhappy. A quick dive into the spares box, and order was restored.

Fisherman Sharples was in the galley yesterday, and in his attempt to make up for the lack of fish in the fish curry he risked life and limb with an incredibly risky dessert. It was a tense affair as he loaded up the bare flame oven with liters of alcohol with some floating pineapple. Some ribbing from the crew with which he rose to as well as his loaves of bread. He nearly took up the offer to shave his eyebrows as a precautionary measure before opening the oven. Luckily, the oven didn't produce a fireball and we all enjoyed our drunk pineapple and cream.

Fresh bread two days in a row, we are being spoiled, the wind held well through the night and we're still cracking along at nearly 8 knots. Readying for a high to catch us and get the engine on, ready for some swimming (and fishing) for the next day or so while we watch the enormous low pressure swinging towards the Azores ahead of us.
Vessel Name: Zephyr
Vessel Make/Model: Shipman 50
Hailing Port: Lymington
Home Page: www.yachtzephyr.com
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