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22 January 2012
Tom Ambrose
Picture: Left to Right, Tom and Bellomino in Palma

As idyllic as the last few days have been there appears to be a sting in the tail. Our constant sourcing of weather patterns ahead has shown an extensive depression in the area of Corsica. This is in our path and although not wanting to appear to chicken out the prudent decision was taken to stop in Palma and review the indicated weather from here.

Arriving at three in the morning Mrs. Marietta's company could not resist the attraction of Palma's night-life. One drink in the first bar and they started turning the lights out. No problem, another was soon found complete with loud head-banging music. Eventually the need for food arose and this saw us in an America style diner eating real hamburgers for breakfast with the light of the sun filling the streets outside. This may all seen strange after my comments about city pollution and all but "se la vie".

Taking the opportunity a walk around the city was enjoyed this afternoon. All was very quiet as it is the San Sebastian holiday resulting in most places being closed, this did not detract from the charm of the walk in very beautiful surroundings and gave me time to enjoy the architecture and the small winding streets. Knowing their way around I was happy to follow in a carefree mode soaking it all up on my first visit here.

There is a little maintenance to do while we strategise on the weather ahead and prepare for the rest of our journey.

Enjoy your sun-downer with us and pass the tapas porvavour.

Gracias, Tom.
Vessel Name: Allora
Hailing Port: Cape Town
Crew: Tom and 2 Other
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Tom Ambrose - ZS1TA

Who: Tom and 2 Other
Port: Cape Town