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Arrived safely

23 June 2015
Good Morning,

Tom and the crew arrived last night.Still have some procedures to clear off.They are all well.


50 to go.

22 June 2015
Via Sam,

All well on board Allora this morning. 50nm miles to go and they will be in port early evening today.

POSITION 20 44 S // 057 10 E
WIND ENE 8 – 10 //
HEADING 005 @ 3.2 kn //
75% CLOUD.

The chances are high that Tom will not make radio contact with me tomorrow. I have requested he email / whatsapp or whatever to advise his safe arrival.

I will pass on whatever I get.



Father's Day @ sea

21 June 2015
Via Sam ZS 1SAM.

All on board Allora are well and looking forward to making landfall late on Monday afternoon / early Monday evening. 160 nm to go as at 08:30 CAT today.

Position today 22 29 S / 056 57 E
WIND SE 15+ // 020 @ 4.8

Messages and others

19 June 2015
From Sam (ZS1SAM)

Firstly, they all send greetings to all at the respective homes.

Special one to Heather : “greeted by die huis” and also a question : is everything OK at home?

Firstly, the message from Priscilla was passed on without any problem.

All well on board, just frustrated by the continuing adverse winds.

Their revised eta is now Monday afternoon / early evening. Regret they cannot be more specific at this point.

POSITION:- 24 16 S // 054 53 E
WIND:- NNE 10 Knots
HEADING:- PRESENT TACK IS 120 dig @ 3.6 Knots
100% CLOUD.

Rained all night

Mario your blog message to Ronny was passed on phonetically, we don't understand French :-)

Getting closer

18 June 2015
From Sam ZS1SAM

All well on board today.

They did not make much distance in the past 24 hours. A definitive eta tomorrow.

Position 23 58 S // 53 46 E
WIND N 10 Knots
HEADING 115 @ 3.8 Knots

Regards to all and thanks to Chris for the message

Getting Close

16 June 2015
As the followers of this blog is aware Tom has a problem with his laptop so cannot email any updates. If you wish to send any messages to Allora please leave it in the comments box and I will make sure it gets to the controllers of the SA Maritime Net so they can pass it on. The SA Maritime Net's times and frequencies were shared in the previous post.

Here is Sam's (ZS1SAM) report via the SA Maritime Net:-

All well on board Allora and they are making good progress.

Tom had has had a close look at his eta due to changing weather and now estimates their arrival to be on Sunday sometime.

As the days go by, we’ll get a bit more accurate.

This morning at 06:35 UTC

POSITION:- 25 29 S 52 01 E
WIND:- SE 8 Knots
HEADING:- 070 @ 4.3 Knots

Sam's report 15 June'15

15 June 2015
Since Tom's laptop has gone out of service his only means of communication has been via the HF radio onboard. Tom reports in daily to the SA Maritime Net of which Sam ZS1SAM is one of the controllers. He passes these daily updates on for purposes of the blog.

If you have access to a shortwave radio you can listen to Tom calling in to the SA Maritime Net at 06:30 and 11:30 UTC. The frequency is on 14.316 MHz and the mode is USB.

Sam's report as follows:-

Allora had a good run in the past 24 hrs and their spirits are lifting.

ETA at this stage is, to quote, “ by the end of the week”.

Direct line distance is 530 nm

POSITION:- 25 48 S, 50 07 E
WIND:- SSE 12 Knots
HEADING 070 true @ 4.8 Knots
CLOUD:- 75%

News in from SAM ZS1SAM

14 June 2015
Sv Allora had a good run in the past 24 hrs. They all had a good night and are feeling and sounding bright and chirpy this morning.

They have had good S winds during the past 24 hrs and these will continue for the next 24 hrs and then will become more SSE to SE as a weak high pressure passes under them.

By this stage (late Monday or early Tuesday) they put the left hand down a bit and make a straight run to Mauritius.

They all send regards etc to family and friends.

POSITION:- 26 01 S // 048 28 E
WIND:- S 15 Knots
HEADING:- 080 true @ 4.5 Knots

via the South African Maritime Mobile Net
Vessel Name: Allora
Hailing Port: Cape Town
Crew: Tom and 2 Other
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