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The SailBlogs API (application prgram interface) provides a way for advanced users and developers to integrate SailBlogs information into external websites or applications. This is handled by calling the API via http on the SailBlogs server which returns an XML response.



To use the API a developer must request an API key. Contact SailBlogs to request a key.

Premium Account

Only SailBlogs Premium Memberships can be accessed via the API.


Limited support is available for the API, and only via email.

Usage: HTTP Requests, XML Responses

See API Usage Guide

PHP Class Reference

The SailBlogs-developed API Class, which automates much of the API calls to the server, requires PHP 5 or greater.

The Class includes the following properties and functions:


  • apiKey
  • blogDirName
  • blogID
  • cache
  • cacheLoc
  • cacheFile
  • cacheTime


The following functions are available in the API Class.